3 Main Reasons to Study MBBS in China

3 Main Reasons to Study MBBS in China

MBBS in China

Due to its fascinating culture and long history, China has become one of the most sought-after MBBS studies abroad locations for international students. More than 320,000 students from more than 180 countries move to China in the year 2018 to study MBBS undergraduate or certain non-degree courses in Chinese institutions. So let’s see 3 main reasons to study MBBS in China and how MBBS in China Degree is beneficial for are as follows:

3 Reasons to Opt for a Medical Degree in China

Travel and Discovery of China

The Chinese MBBS program is a fantastic way to experience the most populous nation on earth. You’ll get a taste of the distinctive fusion of ancient and modern Chinese society, as well as its breathtaking natural beauty and vibrant nightlife. By traveling to other places with other international students you meet, you will find that you are expanding your horizons beyond just China.

China’s vast geography means there is a wide variety of weather conditions, civilizations, and landscapes to explore. Head to Harbin in the northeast to take part in the Ice Festival, go skiing, or watch the water in your eyes freeze around your eyelashes. If -25°C seems a bit too cold for you, head south to Hainan Island, a tropical beach paradise, and relax in the warmth.

China’s major cities now display impressive examples of modern architecture, such as the skyscrapers of Shanghai and the Olympic Bird’s Nest in Beijing, in addition to impressive historical structures such as the Great Wall and Freetown, due to the rapid economic development of the country. China’s 5,000-year history has left many tourist attractions behind, and the island is home to many natural wonders. Less well-known but less explained to international students is China’s unique nightlife, which includes private karaoke rooms and expensive mega clubs.

China has a sophisticated and modern transportation system, which makes traveling simple and affordable. All cities have efficient bus and taxi services, while the larger ones have state-of-the-art metro networks. Each city is accessible over great distances by train or plane. The high-speed train in China has a top speed of over 300 km/h and offers accommodation in addition to dining options.

3 Main Reasons to Study MBBS in China for Indian Students

It’s Affordable MBBS Degree from China

Living and studying MBBS in China is cheaper than living and studying in South Korea, Japan, Europe, and the USA many other countries.

For example, non-EU citizens must pay at least 7,000 pounds (approximately US$10,000) per year in tuition fees to study medicine at a UK university. Even 13,000 pounds can be spent on living expenses. The highest tuition fees are found in Australia and the United States.

People who can speak Chinese and have firsthand knowledge of Chinese culture will have a significant advantage in the job market, as demonstrated by China’s current rise. A true understanding of China, Chinese culture, and Chinese people is a big plus for those who want to be the next generation of global leaders, employers are well aware given that China is a huge market for multinational corporations.

3 Main Reasons to Study MBBS in China

Job Benefit after Chinese MBBS Degree

China has had the world’s fastest expanding economy for the past 30 years. China’s economy grew at an unheard-of rate of 8% annually even throughout the financial crisis, which was unheard of in other nations. China has overtaken Japan in terms of GDP to overtake the United States as the second-largest economy in the world. The 500 most prominent companies in the world all have operations in China, and many of them opt to base their Asia-Pacific headquarters in the thriving Chinese cities of Beijing, Shanghai, and Hong Kong.

China’s current rise has demonstrated unequivocally that people who can speak Chinese and have direct experience of life in China will have a significant advantage in terms of employment. China is a big size market for multinational organizations, and employers recognize that candidates aspiring to join the next generation of global leaders benefit greatly from having a thorough understanding of China, Chinese culture, and Chinese people.

3 Main Reasons to Study MBBS in China for all International students and thus you should choose to study MBBS in a Chinese university.

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