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If you’d like to save all Instagram images from all users followers on instagram simultaneously in 2020, there are five simple ways to bulk Download Instagram photos. Discover how to download many Instagram images using or without third-party tools.

Method 1: Download Instagram Photos in all Instagram Photos of One User using Your Web Browser

Method 2. Selectively download multiple Instagram photos using Developer Tools

Method 3. Bulk Download Instagram Pictures using Chrome Extension

Option 4: Unlimitedly downloads any Instagram photo from any Instagram User. It’s quick and free.

Method 5: Download all Instagram photos from One User to iPhone

Have you ever seen certain Instagram users’ photos that are all stunning? In this case, you’ll need to figure out a method to save any user’s Instagram images. Several options will aid you in getting precisely what you’re looking for.

It’s also an excellent habit to download all your Instagram photos to backup. With just a few clicks, you can download pictures from Instagram users online without needing any software. Watch this video to know the steps in detail.

Method 1.1: Download Instagram Photos in all Instagram Images from One User using Only Your Web Browser

Whichever web browser you are using, it is possible to use this technique to download the entire set of Instagram photos in one go.

Step 1. Visit the Instagram profile page for the User and scroll to the bottom to load all their pictures.

Step 2. Right-click on blank spaces and choose “Save to …”.

Step 3. Make sure that the Type of Save is Web Page. Complete the form and save all images and the HTML document.

All the Instagram photos of the Instagram user are saved to your computer. You can then locate the folder and remove the HTML file. You will only be able to save the image files. You’ve seen Instagram celebrities and influencers keep posting amazing photos to attract free followers and followers, which is why so many people would like to save these images. Read on for more; four methods can help simplify the process.


The process is quite complex and will take longer, as you must scroll to upload all images. After downloading, it’ll also take some time to eliminate the unneeded HTML files.

Method 2. Selectively download multiple Instagram photos using Developer Tools

You can use Developer Tools within your internet browsers, Chrome, Firefox, Edge, or Safari, to download any image from Instagram. If you are looking to download several Instagram photos, but not at all, this approach is a good choice.

Step 1. Visit any Instagram page where you can have a look and save some pictures.

Step 2. Click F12 for the Developer Tools.

Step 3. Step 3. Under the Network Tab, Choose IMG and then load the page again.

Download All Instagram Photos with Developer Tools

Step 4. All URLs for image files will be displayed in the Developer Tools—double-click on any of the results listed to open it and save the image to your personal computer.


Are you looking for a more straightforward method of downloading Instagram images? Look below and look at the ‘Method Four’ beneath.

Method 3. Bulk Download Instagram Pictures using Chrome Extension

If you find that the Instagram users have too many images, you would like to save, and it could take a long time navigating down the page to download all the photos, which can be a hassle. In the event of this, you could use an extension for a Chrome extension to batch Download Instagram pictures with more flexibility. Check now

Step 1. Install the free extension Downloader for Instagram(tm) for Chrome, the web-based browser.


If you’re using Firefox, download Instagram Photo Downloader from the Firefox Add-ons Store.

Step 2. Visit Instagram’s Instagram user page from which you want to download pictures.

Step 3. If you’re able to confirm that the Chrome extension is installed adequately If it is installed correctly, you will be able to see the Download All button in the upper right of the page. Click this button and download the entire collection of Instagram images from this User or choose some photos to download.

Download multiple Instagram images from Instagram.

Method 4: You can Unlimitedly download any Instagram photo from any User for Free and Quick!

This method allows you to download images on Instagram using the URL for each image. Furthermore, you can also direct Download Instagram images onto photos on your iPhone and iPad. To achieve this, you’ll require the all-in-one Instagram Photo downloader, IOTransfer. IOTransfer is a free tool to assist with Instagram downloads of photos. It can save images on your iOS devices connected to your PC. Let’s look at downloading Instagram pictures using the IOTransfer program and then holding images to your iPhone, iPad, or iPod.

Part 1: How to Download Instagram Photos using the IOTransfer

Step 1. Download and install IOTransfer on your Windows PC that runs Windows 7/8/8.1/10.


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Step 2. Start IOTransfer, then click on the Tools Tab. Choose Instagram Downloader, then click START.image.png.

Step 3. Step 3. Copy URLs from Instagram images that you would like to download. Launch IOTransfer where the URLs will automatically copy. Click Fetch to show the pictures. If all is well, Click Download and download the photos.


Once complete, simply navigate the download path to review the pictures.

Part 2: How to transfer Instagram photos to iOS Devices using the IOTransfer

After examining the photos that you downloaded Instagram images, IOTransfer can directly transfer photos to your iPhone or iPad. Here’s how to do it.

Step 1. Select the MANAGE tab on the top menu and select albums from the right menu.

Step 2. Make a click to Create an Album. It will store all Instagram images. Instagram photos.


Step 3. Select the newly created Album and click Import. Choose Instagram photos to import onto iPhone.

Step 4. After selecting all photos, you wish to transfer, Click Open to begin the process.

  • The saved Instagram images are protected on your iPad or iPhone. After that, you can open them using the Photos app while on the move. Apart from downloading images, IOTransfer can also help you download Instagram videos onto your iPhone directly.
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  • It wirelessly transfers iOS files between your iPhone and your PC using Wi-Fi. Find out more
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Method 5 . Download All Instagram Photos of One User to your iPhone. You can utilize Instagram on mobile devices more often than on a desktop. This is why I will guide you on how to download all Instagram photos or a specific amount of images from every User using the iOS device.

It is necessary to download the Shortcuts application created (acquired) through Apple. You can download it for free through the AppStore to start. If you’re using iOS 13, you don’t have to download it since Apple has created it as a stock application.

Step 1. Once you have the Shortcuts application, download this InstaSave shortcut. You must open this URL in Safari to install it.

Step 2. Copy the User’s profile link from Instagram and open this shortcut.

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