5 Easy Steps to Reset Your Canon Printer

Canon is a top brand and high-selling printer worldwide due to its unique features and quality product. Using the product for a longer time, meeting some problems during the printing. However, no worries, you just reset the printer yourself in the home and get your function back faster. Even if you are new and don’t have any ideas about how to reset canon printer? Then you can go with the below steps, which provide you with clear ideas about it. This printer is quite known for its top-notch printer service and exceptional features in significant parts of the world. If the canon user meets issues with their printing device, you need to know about canon printer reset.

Five methods to reset the canon printers:

To resetting, the canon printer let to bring back to normal function. It resolves any major or minor technical problem in the device, such slow process when the printer is not responsive or getting online.

  • power reset of the printer
  • reset the ink of the printer
  • hard reset of canon printer
  • Resetting Pixma printer
  • Factory reset of canon printer.

Power Reset of Printer:

  • The user needs to turn off the printer, remove the cable from the power source, and make sure the device gets disconnected completely.
  • Plug back the power cable into the power socket and turn on the device and link the ethernet cable
  • Try to test print to find out when the issuer is to be resolved on the canon device.

Reset the ink of the printer:

  • Remove the ink cartridge of the printing device and insert it into the channel of the ink resetting mechanism
  • Then user ensure the chip over the ink cartridge a function in an acceptable manner
  • Now hold the ink cartridge softly at the time of seeing the LED light over the chip resetter flashing
  • Now hold the ink cartridge until the light becomes steady
  • You need to remove the cartridge from the chip and repeat this method for any ink which needs to be reset
  • At last, install the cartridges in the printer and find out if issues get solved

 Hard reset of canon printer:

  • First, you need to hit the option “Stop“ button and hear the alarm ringing on the printer. 
  • Then release the “start” button after the alarm flashes at least 19 times. 
  • Now the device gets restored to factory setting and uninstall the device drives from the network and reinstall them with fresh and updated drivers. 

Canon Pixma Printer through Factory Settings:

  • Turn on the Pixma printing device and locate the device setting from the menu option using the arrow.
  • Then you need to Press Ok and choose the “resetting” option, and press “Ok” to start with the device resetting process.
  • Turn off the Pixma device and hold the “stop” with the device’s power button.
  • Release the “stop” button and again press the “stop” buttons twice when holding the power button.
  • You need to wait for 30 seconds until then you find out the “OK” on the printer screen and press the Stop button four-time
  • At last, you need to press the power button two times and press it again a single time to turn off the device to complete the reset process.
  • Then you must turn it on again to print more safely and satisfactorily.

Resetting Pixma printer:

  • At first, you have to unplug the source cable and unplug the USB cables from the Pixma device, which helps reset the canon printer.
  • Now, the user needs to press the “ power” button, and it opens the ink in the cartridge door, and you need to reconnect the power cable with the power button still processing.
  • At last, close the cartridge doors and release the power button, and then the ink cartridge reset process is part of the completion.

Factory reset of canon printer:

Most canon printer users need to meet such troubleshoots problems, and then they have to go with the below method, which works better to get back your vice faster from your home itself.

  • Press setup on the canon device and navigate the device setting via the arrow key and press the option of OK
  • Navigate the reset the setting and press ok and navigate the reset the primary option
  • Then press Ok, select the ” yes ” option, and your device is now ready to reset.

 For the most support about resetting the canon printer, you can feel free to follow the above five methods, which complete the task in simple and easy to fix at all times.

 How to reset the canon printer without using the software:

  • Ensure the canon printer is turned “ON” and connected to the computer
  • Then press the power button to turn off the printer
  • When the printer is turned off, then have to press the stop button for two seconds
  • Then hold down the stop the button and press the “ power button “ at the same time for 5 seconds
  • Now after pressing the stop button five times and releasing the power button
  • Finally, the printer is completely reset and ready to use with the same function.

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