5 Reasons Why Secondary School Education Is Important

Every parent desire to give their children the best education to grow and excel. Children who get quality education become creative, innovative, and responsible citizens. Students in Singapore begin schooling from pre-school and join secondary school after primary education.

The government of Singapore controls and supervises education. However, besides public schools supported by the government, many private schools operate in the country. Schools in the country have been top-rated as the best in science and mathematics.

Children can also access international education in Singapore. Many international schools operate in the county and provide holistic education, giving students a global learning environment. However, before enrolling your children into any international school, finding the Singapore secondary school fees for foreigners is essential. School fees vary from one international school to another.

Importance of Secondary School Education

Curriculum Equips Learners with Problem-Solving Skills

The education system in the country is designed to give students practical knowledge and skills. Every country and its people face various challenges that require solutions. Therefore, schools aim to produce students with the proper knowledge and skills to solve problems facing them and society.

Both private and public schools in Singapore work to improve the school system and enhance the wellness and performance of students. For example, the IGCSE Singapore education system encourages project work and creative thinking among students. The system seeks to promote more learning and less teaching, which enhances education quality.

Education Enhances Economic Development

Relevant skills are essential in the labour market. Workers with education are more productive than those who are not educated. Employers hire educated workers because they are efficient. The economy of any county will succeed when the workforce can operate industries to produce goods and services.

Also, the earnings of a worker increase based on their ability and skills. Employees with knowledge about a particular job and industry are more valuable to employers. Due to the more significant role of education in economic growth, the IGCSE Singapore system is designed to empower students with the modern skills required in the labour market.

The employability of individuals depends on their education. Those who undergo secondary education have higher chances of getting employed than those who drop out before high school. The government of Singapore has made education compulsory to ensure many children acquire primary education for self-growth.

Promotes Career Advancement

Secondary school education in Singapore allows learners to explore various avenues for career advancement. Schools implement learning pathways, which provide students with different learning outlooks based on their preferences. After elementary school, students join secondary school for 4-5 years. Learners can choose vocational learning pathways, polytechnics, and junior colleges.

Differentiated learning pathways allow students to learn differently based on their strengths. So, the students are encouraged to attain their best at their paces. The system, therefore, protects learners’ individual learning needs and gives them equal opportunities outside the school.

Besides classroom learning, the education system in Singapore is designed to allow students to engage in co-curricular and extracurricular activities. Students with interests and strengths in games and sports are supported to pursue dreams. Therefore, several students from schools in Singapore have excelled in sporting activities and other competitions.

Education Instills Discipline to Learners

The education system in Singapore models the learners into disciplined persons. The school system has rules and regulations students should adhere to, which builds them into responsible people. Parents are involved to ensure the learners exhibit common traits. They also encourage students’ hard work to ensure success.

Teachers in schools are committed to helping students set goals and working towards achieving those goals. In addition, students maintain a set of daily routines, which helps to develop their character and become self-reliant. Generally, the secondary education system uses a holistic approach to create all-around good students and future citizens.

Secondary Education Equip Learners with Health Knowledge

A healthy country is a rich country. Education should teach students about health and ways to promote health in society. The education system in Singapore teaches students about personal hygiene, which helps to promote healthy living.

Besides personal hygiene, learners know the importance of a clean environment. So, they undertake activities like cleaning the environment to make it safe. In addition, learners are taught ways to prevent preventable diseases, which helps to build a healthy society. Students also engage in games and sports to keep fit, which is essential for their health.


Secondary education is essential for the personal growth and growth of the nation. The education system in Singapore gives students chances to pursue their careers. Every learner is allowed to follow their passion, creating opportunities for all despite their learning abilities. Parents can take their children to international schools to learn international curricula at an affordable fee in Singapore.

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