5 Top Organizational Behavior Books To Read In 2023

Organizational behavior books serve as manuals for understanding workplace culture and group psychology. These works examine team and organizational thought patterns and behaviors rather than individual motivation and behavior. Motivation, interpersonal communication, team dynamics, moral decision-making, and conflict resolution are typical subjects. These books are meant to instruct executives in the most effective organizational structure and management practices. Organizational behavior is sometimes abbreviated as OB.

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List of organizational behavior books

Here is a list of free organizational behavior textbooks, that are recent best-sellers that leaders may utilize to improve their workplace cultures and produce outstanding outcomes.

Operations Management: Processes and Supply Chains Student 9th Edition

by Lee J. Krajewski, Larry P. Ritzman, Manoj K. Malhotra 

For Operations Management courses at the undergraduate and graduate levels Value creation in operations management. Students may handle operational processes and supply chain concerns using the broad framework that operations management provides. This work emphasizes topics of contemporary relevance while using a systematic approach. A supply chain orientation has been added to the most recent version of this text. Data and general topic coverage are completely updated with current numbers and conversations, including changes. In medical care pricing, new technology, and medication trials because cash flow is crucial in the always-evolving world of health. A new lifestyle theme explores how personal decisions impact general health and the healthcare system.

Operations and Supply Chain Management – 14th Edition

By F. Robert Jacobs; Richard Chase

Today’s resourceful businesses must successfully manage the whole supply chain, from the firm’s origins. Through its value-added operations and on to its consumers. The fourteenth Global Edition of Operations and Supply Chain Management. It covers both managing people and utilizing cutting-edge technology in operations and supply chain management in a fair and balanced manner.

Organizational Behavior – 13th edition

By Don Hellriegel, John W. Slocum 

With this special competency-based approach, you can provide your students with knowledge and abilities. They need to succeed as high-performance managers in the modern corporate environment while also giving them a strong foundation in organizational behavior. The knowledge of hundreds of top managers from a range of sectors has been condensed into seven fundamental management abilities. That are crucial for both individual and organizational success in Hellriegel/ORGANIZATIONAL Slocum’s BEHAVIOR, 13E. As they develop competencies in self-management, ethics, communication, diversity, cross-cultural communication, teams, and change management, students have the opportunity to evaluate and maximize their own talents within the framework of contemporary organizational behavior.

To make a clear link between organizational behavior theory and current practice, the authors draw on their decades of experience in teaching, research, and OB consulting. In this edition, the traditional theory is combined with modern research, new trends, and the most current events that are influencing business today. The utilization of the essential abilities by strong leaders to lead more successfully is clearly demonstrated in new text, video cases from firms that students are acquainted with, and interactive activities. Give your students the tools they need to succeed as leaders and highly effective managers in the organizations of the future.

International Business: The New Realities 5th Edition

by S. Tamer Cavusgil, Gary Knight, John R. Riesenberger 

An innovative and engaging learning system for International Business. International Business: The New Realities is a whole learning system that smoothly combines examples, exercises, and videos. It is based on the authors’ combined teaching and working experience as well as interactions with hundreds of practitioners, students, and professors. To reflect the major changes that have occurred in the global marketplace due to the financial crisis, and the change in dynamics among international business participants-this edition now includes extensive new and updated material.

Business and Society: Ethics and Stakeholder Management 7th Edition

by Archie B. Carroll, Ann K. Buchholtz 

Using the latest edition of BUSINESS AND SOCIETY, introduce your students to major stakeholder management and ethical frameworks for taking into account and safeguarding vital stakeholder interests. Strong coverage of ethics and the stakeholder model is balanced with new discussions on corporate governance and other current, relevant issues shaping the industry today. 

A variety of varied business cases, Ethics in Practice cases, and other real-world problems. That provides abundant opportunities to apply stakeholders to specific business problems. Practical applications prepare future managers for business situations that will test their values and ethics in the workplace. Students learn to focus their reasoning and enhance the precision with which they consider and make ethical decisions. This edition’s enhanced, complete package includes a revised Test Bank that is now aligned to AACSB standards and a plethora of materials. To assist in giving your students the thorough grasp of both specific organizations and societal subjects that they need for business success.

Final Thoughts

The study of organizational behavior offers explanations and reasoning for how people behave and perform in groups inside companies. There are behavioral patterns and psychological inclinations that explain a workforce’s behaviors and reactions. Even though employee conduct might occasionally seem random and unexpected. Leaders may establish favorable conditions or stop unproductive practices to get better results. By being aware of and comprehending these standards. Professionals may strengthen interpersonal interactions and lead teams and organizations toward excellence by reading books on organizational behavior.



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