7 Factors That Can Affect Air Conditioning Operating Costs In Dubai.

Air conditioning and refrigeration in UAE are meticulous systems, and one small issue can quickly result in loss of cooling, efficiency, higher running costs and even a costly breakdown. But what exactly are these easily solvable issues and how can you prevent them from affecting your unit?

No Maintenance Plan

Ac repairing in Dubai sucks up dust and air particles, which can impact operation. Heat exchangers can also become block. Causing higher operating current from the compressor. They are stress on the unit and higher running costs. However, regular servicing reduces the likelihood of worn parts putting stress on your unit and prevents blockages. which not only ensures optimum efficiency and lower running costs but also reduces the risk of a costly breakdown.

AC Ducting In Dubai

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Poor Indoor and Outdoor Unit Airflow

The indoor and outdoor units both require adequate airflow to function. A common issue that causes inefficient cooling and higher operating costs. This is poor airflow in and around these crucial components, which can easily be solve with proper professional installation and regular maintenance.

Poor Refrigerant Pipework Insulation

These Cooling and heating can be lost through expose or improperly insulate refrigerant pipework. which allows temperature contamination. This then causes strain on the unit because it has to work harder. Resulting in higher running costs and inefficient cooling.

Thermostat or Controller Settings

The lack of thermostat and controller settings seen in lower-value models can ramp up costs very quickly. You’ll want to have maximum control over temperature and functioning so that your air conditioning and refrigeration are optimized for cooling. Then as well as energy efficiency. Also, a lack of understanding of your unit’s thermostat and controls can be an issue. If you don’t know how it works, you won’t use it effectively, which means higher costs and lower-quality cooling. This is where we come in – we are there at the first point of contact right through a unit’s lifetime to ensure that it not only runs smoothly and efficiently. but also to guide you through its use and optimization.

Wrong Location

For a unit to work properly and efficiently. it has to be installed in an optimum place. For example, an area with poor insulation or right by an open door or window is going to cause a loss of cooling. which means the unit has to work harder to properly cool an area.

Poor Property Insulation – Thus High EPC Grades

Poor insulation is a frequent problem causing loss of efficiency and higher energy consumption due to loss of cooling through the walls and ceiling. Which results in higher Air Conditioning Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) grades. And because air conditioning units consume a lot of energy. They are Reducing costs and complying with statutory requirements are of utmost importance – especially for commercial buildings.

Incorrect System or Size

There are various types of air conditioning available in UAE and choosing the right one for your room is vital if you want lower running costs and better cooling. For example, free-standing or overhead units are usually more suited to smaller residential properties than shops and offices. Whereas larger systems with ducted air conditioning, more tubing and piping are more effective for bigger commercial spaces. Ultimately, if you have the wrong system and incorrect unit size. you won’t be getting your money’s worth out of it.

All these points are common problems that cause loss of efficiency, costly operations, and even damage to units. However, with proper maintenance, professional advice and installation and high-quality products and services. you’ll enjoy better cooling, lower energy bills and a longer lifespan from your unit – which means even less unnecessary repair and replacement costs overall.

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