8 Top Lighting Trends 2022 for You

Lighting trends are quite volatile across the ages and they keep changing from time to time. In the recent times, the trends vary from overhead pendants, bespoke fittings to elegant sculptural shapes and styles. In the following section of the blog post let us explore some top trending lighting solutions that are creating furore in the world of light designing.

One of the positive things about the pandemic is it has – to a large extent – brought our focus back on our homes. Now we realise more than ever how crucial it is for homes to be as beautiful and comfortable as those should be. Everything in a home should better have a purpose. And it should also be appealing to our senses. As far as lighting is concerned, it is more important to synchronise with the factors mentioned above than anything else.

2022 lighting trends

A panel of lighting experts and interior designers across the UK were consulted about the biggest lighting trends this year. They came up with the following considerations.

Trend #1 – lighting as a design focal point

Dining room lighting ideas have been refreshed in the recent times. Along with that the ceiling of living rooms too has been decked up with fresh lighting ideas. There is supposed to be rich and extravagant light fittings coming up in varieties. This range of products is expected to take the market by the storm. Why? Reasons are simple – the entire product range is innovatively designed, carefully crafted and smartly placed. Thus, a drastic transformation of your room is inevitable. As a matter of fact, as the trend catches on, lighting will turn out to be the starting point for room décor rather than being the last item. The trend is to go bold with ceiling lights. Larger ceiling spaces offer more opportunities for lighting décor. But that should not hold you back from following the trend even if you have a smaller ceiling space.

Trend #2 – Your statement with sculptural lighting   

These days table lamps are more pieces of art than ever before. If you are unaware about this trend then the obvious question that you may ask is why? Sculptural shapes are the ‘in thing’ as far as the latest range of table lamps is concerned. These lamps draw interest even when the light is turned off. A pair of lamps is he better way to accentuate a frame, a console table or any large piece of furniture like bed or sofa. Floor lamps are obviously elegant and tasteful. You can place these beside the sofa or your arm chair. This way you can create your cosy and ideal reading spot. Alternatively, you can also light up that dark corner of the hallway with a tasteful statement and breath in fresh life into your home.

Trend #3 – Artistic design of ceiling lights is graceful

While racking the brain with fresh and innovative lighting ideas, it is important to keep one thing in the mind. A light is rather not meant for light but it is meant to highlight a shadow. As darker evenings set in by the design of nature, you have to look for innovative means to light up the corners of your home. When you are aware of this goal, coming up with innovative and stunning lighting ideas are never stressful. The combination of artful lights on ceilings and thoughtfully placed lamps on the floor and walls invariably turns a room into a warm and cosy sanctuary where one can easily hibernate during those stress-unwinding hours. Try this out and you will know the difference.  

Trend #4 – Go for pieces that make bold statements

If you want to follow the upcoming trends then surely choose bold designs that feature interesting texture, sculptural shapes or coloured glass. The range of products mentioned above is capable making incredible style statements even when the light is switched off. Lamps are now more of art pieces or sculptural elements. A light is best used if it can throw surprise in a room more than anything else.

Trend #5 – Symmetrical approach is the ‘in thing’

In order to create rooms that look smart interior designers resort to the trick of symmetry. It also caters to the latest trends in lighting. Symmetrical approach in lighting assures you for the perfect classic look. Here is an easy tip. Place two lamps on either side of a mirror or a piece of art. The aesthetics that your effort creates radiates nothing but sheer elegance.

Trend #6 – Use colour to light up your space

As far the ongoing lighting trend is concerned, colour is back and in a big way. Innovatively designed products in folk art patterns in unexpected hues are the hotcakes in the market.

Trend #7 – focus on bedroom lighting

In the post pandemic scenario creating spaces to relax and unwind is the trend for interiors. Thus, creating ambience is the goal and lighting plays a crucial role in this aspect. It facilitates setting the mood and the atmosphere. Thus, it is obvious that the aspect of bedroom lighting is more important than ever before. Central pendants in bedroom lighting not only play a focal point in themselves but also prove to be eye catchy. Even when the lights are left unlit, they create the right and the desired atmosphere.

Trend #8 – Layer lighting in home office

The COVID – 19 pandemics has brought about some distinct differences in our everyday lives. Since the epidemic broke out, a vast number of people are working from homes. As a result, the current trend is to create well-lit home offices as well as work spaces at homes. The trend also shows there is a sudden affinity toward traditional styles when lighting is concerned, confirms an experienced lighting installation expert associated with the Electric Works London.

One of the hottest selling items this season is an Abercrombie table lamp. The item is designed with a strong heritage look. It equally draws attention when the lamp is switched off as well as when switched on. If you are working from home and make use of different types of lamps to create the right ambience then this tip will definitely prove helpful. Choose LED task light at daytime as it is bright while switch on to SAD lamp on darker days.

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