A Complete Guide on IDO Development

Initial Dex Offering, widely known as IDO, is a mechanism for raising capital for any crypto-based or decentralized projects. IDOs provide instant liquidity for project tokens and are a fair and risk-free fundraising model. With IDO projects, investors purchase the tokens offered by the project owners as digital assets. Projects need not provide equities or shares to investors, like venture capitalists and banks. Entrepreneurs greatly benefit from IDOs, as they can access funds without anyone’s approval.

Roadmap for IDO development

The roadmap for IDO development with an IDO development company is as follows:

Ideation: Ideate the plan for your project. Create a roadmap for your IDO development journey. During the ideation process, decide on fund allocations, the blockchain on which the project will run, and marketing strategies. 

Whitepaper creation: You can penetrate the market with a well-written and designed white paper. The white paper presents statistical data, tables, and so on to persuade investors to invest in the project.

Token development: Developers create tokens for your project on blockchains like Ethereum and BNB chain. 

Listing: After successfully creating IDO and tokenizing the DEX, you can list the token for trading.With the help of blockchain consultants, you can identify the right platform to launch your tokens. Generate a token pool, where investors pay for their tokens in advance. The investors receive tokens once the token generation event takes place.

Marketing: Marketing is essential to make your IDO project reach out to investors. A multi-channel marketing campaign can help the project stand out from the crowd. Use effective marketing strategies like social media marketing, influencer marketing, community marketing, and PR.

Post-launch support:. IDO development firms provide complete support post-launch with their marketing strategists and blockchains experts.

IDO launchpads

Well-known launchpads available in the market:

BSCPad: One of the best launchpads available in the market. It has enormous features to distribute tokens and the ability to raise liquidity.

Polkastarter: It is a community-based multi-chain launchpad with numerous features for IDO projects.

CardStarter: It is based on the Cardano network. The blockchain’s efficiency will help the launchpad.

TrustPad: TrustPad is one of the most preferred launchpads for IDOs. It is a decentralized multi-chain platform that promises security and safety for startups. It is interoperable and more convenient to launch. 

The benefits of an IDO launchpad

  • Supports startups and small enterprises with fundraising for their ventures.
  • IDO launchpads shed light on the upcoming crypto projects by helping them reach investors and increasing visibility for projects with good potential but low funding.
  • IDO tokens can be traded immediately. The value of the token increases with every purchase from an investor. 
  • With IDOs, projects can have a cost-effective listing and token sale. IDOs also offer non- custodial token listing and tradability with low slippage. Projects only need to pay the blockchain transaction fee to create a new smart contract for IDOs.
  • IDO provides a fair fundraising opportunity for ventures. With DEXs, fundraising is very transparent. There is no involvement of centralized exchanges in IDOs. Entrepreneurs can immediately trade tokens, unlike in earlier crypto offerings, without any cool-off period.
  • IDO provides high liquidity for crypto projects. Investors invest in projects and generate revenue with its automated liquidity pools.
  • Dex offering provides funds for the projects, which can be used during further development.

IDO marketing

Not only launching the project, you must also put effort to make your project reach the right audience. For this, you can use effective marketing strategies like:

Website: The project website can provide the investors with descriptive and explanatory content about the project. A well-built, user-friendly website can increase traffic to your project site.

Social media: You can use social media platforms like Twitter and Discord to effectively promote your project. Using hashtags, communities, channels, and pages can make your project reach its potential audience.  

Email marketing: Sending emails regarding your project to potential investors can be an effective marketing strategy. You can engage potential investors by sending newsletters, and attractive promotional emails.

PR: PR is one of the best marketing strategies which can give a positive look to your project. Produce unique, understandable, informative, and precise content to persuade users to invest in your project.


IDO is the most effective way to raise funds for new and small crypto projects. Start with IDO development by hiring the right IDO development company for your project. With their expertise in blockchains, IDO projects, marketing services, and post-launch support, IDO development companies can help you reach new heights with your IDO project. Consult an IDO development company to get started with your IDO project.

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