A Complete Guide To Chinos For Men

Wearing the right pair of trousers at your workplace or at an evening gathering is the most effective method to leave an impact. Yes, trousers, too, left an impression. In the case of men’s trousers, there are a variety of pants available. Among these are chinos, chinos for men serve the purpose of formal and informal pants. Let’s go and get into the world of chinos:

What are chinos?

A distinctive trouser that has its roots in the American military. Surprising!! But yes, the statement is true. Because of the cotton composition, these pants are designed for soldiers that blend well with their appearance.

Chinos for men fit into the particular category of both formal and casual on different occasions. Giving the pant a tag of uniqueness. And even what makes it more special is chinos are available in many colours. 

Chinos have their origin in China. Americans imported the fabric from China, and the fabric is used in the production of chinos. The pants were worn by American soldiers during Spain and the American war. In Spanish, the word ‘Chino’ means Chinese and that’s how the pant got its name.

Chinos and khaki

Chinos and khaki are often considered in the same category. In addition to that, khaki belongs to India. As the two have the same traits, let’s figure out about these pants to understand their distinctions:

Chinos Khaki 
Stitching The main difference is that stitching is hidden on the chinos. Giving the pants a more refined look.The stitching is visible on khakis
Pockets Pockets are too hidden in the chinos, While the pockets are visible in khakis
Fabric These pants are made with light-weighted cotton or cotton blend fabric.On the contrary, these are made of heavy-weight cotton.
Tightness The pants are in a narrow style, ensuring complete fitting.However, khakis are less tight

A khaki can be chino, but every chino cannot be khaki. 

Chino colours

Chinos have unlimited colour variants. Navy, white and khaki variants look very impressive and blend well with vast colour combinations. Colour combination is in itself a very difficult task.

Black chino pants

Black colour is always a good choice. It is important to have at least one black pair of chinos and a black t-shirt in your closet. But matching black with other colours can sometimes be very tricky.

These pants can be worn by mixing with a variety of fashion styles.

It is advised not to pair black chino pants with brown. This is the choice many men still make.  

Navy blue

Navy blue coloured chinos are the key to any casual wear style and are defined as the best colour in chinos. Navy colour is a powerful colour that can make or destroy a man’s image.

Cardigans, shirts and sweaters in white, light blue and dark blue work wonder with  either classic navy or blue chinos. With shoes, brown in colour pairs well with blue and navy.

Grey chinos

Chinos of grey in colour are ideal for formal meetings, as these pants have a proper formal-casual look.  

Grey-coloured chinos are the most versatile pants, plus it contrasts with every colour and makes one look perfect.

Grey chinos have a radiating effect with black shoes and a black shirt.

Cream chinos

Being neutral in tone, it mingles with a variety of shades. Cream chinos look perfect even when you are taking a walk or hanging out with friends.

Light blue, dark blue, or grey shirts, or even lightweight sweaters, are the tones for these pants to pair with.

Depending on the location, you can wear sneakers or formal shoes.

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