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About Digital Mammography
Digital mammography
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About Digital Mammography 

Many people don’t want to go for health checkups as they feel it will be waste of time and money, as they are totally healthy.  However, it must be understood that the non-existence of signs or symptoms does not mean the lack of any illnesses. A person may be suffering from chronic disease but will be totally unaware of it. One must go for a full body checkup near me for taking care of their health. Search for a full body checkup near me as it will help people in the early detection of any potential chronic illnesses like cancer.  Breast cancer is the most typically found cancer in women.

What is the effective way of screening for breast cancer?

High-quality screening mammograms done on a regular basis as well as clinical breast exams are the typical ways to screen for breast cancer. Regular breast self-exam is examining one’s own breasts for lumps or any kind of unusual changes.  It has to be considered that the breast changes may occur as a result of many factors like pregnancy, menopause, aging, during menstrual cycles; and when taking birth control pills or other hormonal issues. The breasts may also be swollen or tender before or during periods. If a woman notices any abnormal or unusual changes in her breasts, she should definitely contact her health care provider. Digital mammography or full-field digital mammography is a mammography method in which the detectors will convert the X-rays into electrical signals. The electrical signals are able to produce the breast images that can be seen on a computer screen and also printed on a special film. 

What are the advantages of Digital Mammography?

  • Digital mammograms enable more analysis as images can be stored electronically.  These can be analysed by computers and even by the radiologists.
  • They can be easily sent electronically for any kind of analysis.
  • The images can be manipulated for better clarity and visibility which cannot be done with conventional mammography. 
  • There is low radiation. Digital mammograms usually take more views of each breast. 
  • These are easier to store on a computer. 
  • Mammograms can detect breast cancer even before there are signs and symptoms. 
  • A diagnostic mammogram will include extra mammogram images.

How to prepare for digital mammography?

There are a few guidelines that have to be followed on the day of the mammography. Please avoid applying the following things, as they will show up as white spots on the breast image –

  • deodorants
  • body powders
  • perfumes
  • any creams on the breasts or on the underarms
  • Make sure to inform the staff before the exam if a woman is pregnant or breastfeeding.

What are the main uses of mammograms?

Screening mammograms – This kind of mammogram is generally used to detect any signs of breast cancer in women who don’t show any symptoms or signs. The pictures of each breast are taken through an x-ray from different angles.

Diagnostic mammograms – When mammograms are used to examine the breast of a woman for checking if she has any symptoms of breast cancer or in case anything unusual has been detected in a screening mammogram then they are known as diagnostic mammograms. They will include additional images of the breast that are not typically a part of the screening mammograms. In some cases, diagnostic mammograms are used to examine women who had been treated for breast cancer in the past.

What does digital mammography show?

Mammograms will often show any abnormal areas in the breast. They may not detect for sure if the abnormal area is cancer, however, they can definitely help the health care providers in deciding if any more testing will be required. 

Is Digital mammography safe?

Mammograms will expose the breasts to a little amount of radiation. Modern machines now enable using fewer radiation doses to get the breast x-rays that are very high in image quality. The radiation dose from a 3D mammogram can range from slightly lower to slightly higher as compared to those from a standard 2D mammogram. The advantages of mammography will surely outweigh any potential harm from the exposure to radiation.

How are screening and diagnostic mammograms different?

Similar machines are used for both kinds of mammograms. Diagnostic mammography will take a longer time as compared to screening mammography as well as the total dose of radiation is more. This is because more x-ray images will be required to get the views of the breast from various angles. Any suspicious area may have to be magnified for producing a detailed picture that will help the doctor to make the correct diagnosis.


Digital mammography will use X-ray radiation for producing an image of the breast and check for any abnormalities. Make sure to go for a full body checkup near me to take better care of your health and prevent any chronic illnesses.

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