After all, are sandals for men tacky?

Controversially, sandals for men are great allies in warmer climates. With the arrival of summer, the modern man knows that the important thing is to know how to match his shoes to what he has in his closet.

One can imagine that sandals started to be disliked when associated with the hippie movement of the 1960s. After that, they were worn more by the elderly and by people who could not wear closed shoes.

With the arrival of new designers, men’s sandals were rescued and thrown back into the fashion scene. Today, they are seen on the feet of fashionistas and are very successful on the streets.

Are you in doubt about how to wear men’s sandals? Then check out the tips we have prepared for you!

Are men’s sandals corny or not?

Not at all! In the past, men’s sandals were limited to old-fashioned models, worn only by those who prioritized comfort without caring about style.

Today, especially with the arrival of unisex models, men can (and should!) wear sandals to put together modern, stylish looks that are perfect for the summer.

However, choose models made with quality materials and good sewing, which will give an upgrade in your look and leave that “dropped” look far behind.

Why wear sandals for men?

1. They are comfortable and versatile

Quality sandals are made of resistant materials, which guarantee comfort and safety when walking, and are as comfortable as sapato casual masculino. So you can go from the park to the beach without worrying about blisters or bruises. What’s more, they are unlikely to break.

Finally, you can wear them in many different places, because the good material guarantees elegance to informal footwear.

2. Can be worn with various types of looks

Sandals look great with shorts, shorts, and light pants, ensuring a casual but no less elegant style.

3. There are models for all tastes

From traditional to modern, there are all kinds of models of men’s sandals and flip-flops. There are a variety of colors, types and materials. Get to know some of them:


The traditional sandals were worn only by the elderly and by those who suffered from pain when walking. For this reason, they were disowned and transformed into a symbol of clumsiness by the most modern people.

However, today, papetes have a contemporary design, cutouts, and differentiated materials. The right model can go with almost everything in your closet.

Use it with shorts, shorts, and pants. To make the look even cooler, fold down the leg bands.


A mixture of slipper and sandal, the birkenstock is a unisex shoe. They usually have two or three buckles as decoration, cork body, rubber sole, and suede straps. There are also leather and plastic models.

The body of the sandal is usually molded to fit the anatomy of the foot. There is also a small elevation on the back of the shoe, to prevent the heel from slipping out.


The traditional flip-flop was widely worn in the 1990s and practically forgotten in the last 15 years. However, major brands have brought the slide back into the fashion scene. Today, you can see it on the feet of fashionistas all over the world.

The best known versions are plastic and leather. Like any flip-flop, the slide asks for a more casual, yet tidy look. This way, you balance the model’s formality. Wear it with shorts made of more structured fabric.

If you are more modern and daring, you can even wear it with socks! There are those who wear a tidier look and leave the irreverence for this combination.


Believe me, there are gladiators for men – and they are very beautiful! Shorter than those worn by women, they usually have leather straps and more sober colors, such as black and caramel. These neutral tones bring sobriety to the more modern model.

Just like the papete, you can wear the gladiator with shorts, pants, or shorts. And don’t forget: choose noble materials, such as leather, which make the look refined and bring durability to the shoes.

How to wear sandals for men?

Papete with jeans

As we said, today there are very stylish papetes, which will give an even more modern look to your look. How about wearing them with your slim jeans? If it’s destroyed, even better!

Fold the pant’s bar to highlight the shoes even more. Finish with a belt and a jeans or polo shirt.

Papetes also look great with linen pants or pants made of a more noble fabric and vibrant colors. Avoid wearing them with social pants.

Gladiator with shorts

A modern shoe calls for a modern look. Wear the gladiator with neutral colored or even printed shorts. You can also combine it with a shirt with folded sleeves (leave part of it outside the shorts), a leather belt and a nice watch. A simple look, with impact and fashion information.

If you prefer something more daring, wear a button-down shirt with medium sleeves and small prints. In this case, wear neutral shorts to balance it out.

Birkenstock with linen pants

Despite being noble, linen is a light fabric, perfect for warm climates, and brings a “navy” look to any look. Therefore, there is nothing like a light sandal to go with it. As the Birken is very casual, the fabric of the pants will bring elegance to the look – the famous hi-lo that fashion loves so much.

You can wear a shirt with long, folded, or medium sleeves. Prints make the composition even more fashionable. Modern, daring, and perfect for men’s sandals can and should be part of your everyday looks. 

Make the combinations suggested in this post and try others that suit your taste. This way you will stimulate your creativity and spend the summer in style and comfort!

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