Air hostess | 7 amazing things to know before becoming one!


An air hostess’ work isn’t as simple as you may believe. Yes, you will have the opportunity to travel extensively and meet individuals from all around the world.  However, you must be capable of dealing with difficult situations and working odd hours.  This blog will provide you with all of the information you need to become an air hostess, including information on the top training schools, courses, prices, application procedures, income, and much more! Let’s begin with the basics…

What exactly is an air hostess?

An air hostess is a member of an airline’s aircrew, such as Qatar Airways or Lufthansa. Their major goal is to assure the passengers’ comfort and safety while on board the airline. To accomplish this,

What is the role of an air hostess?

  • As an air hostess, you must always be presentable and kind.
  • Medical fitness and clear vision are also crucial factors to consider.
  • Your personality is crucial, and you must treat passengers with respect.
  • Taking care of the people on board necessitates excellent communication and language abilities.

In the event of an emergency landing, mental alertness is essential. Your course will teach you how to remain cool and deal with frightened passengers on board. To handle challenging situations, you must also have strong willpower.

You must also be able to operate successfully in a group setting.

In addition, be prepared to work long shifts. Flight delays are common due to inclement weather or technical faults, and they can result in lengthy delays.

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The best air hostess training courses are listed below:

  • Diplomas in air hostess training are available (1 year)
  • Certificate programs are available (3 to 6 to 12 months)
  • Aviation degree programs are available (2-3 years)

The University of North Texas is number one.

The University of North Texas provides students with a thorough understanding of the aviation sector, as well as important leadership chances and hands-on experience through projects and internships. You can learn from the best because the faculty members are seasoned. You can also acquire scholarships to help you pay for your education. Graduates of this university go on to work for airlines and aircraft manufacturers in the aviation and aerospace industries.

The University of South Australia is number two.

The University of South Australia, based in Adelaide, has industry-standard research facilities and practical studios for aviation students. It offers comprehensive assistance to students as well as a pleasant learning atmosphere. 

Westminster University

The University of Westminster is regarded as one of the world’s most reputable aviation schools. You will study air transportation economics, operations, and forecasting, which will provide you with a variety of prospects. International students have a rich experience, and both scholarships and housing are provided.

The fundamental requirements

  • Qualifications in Education 10 Plus 2 years of education
  • Entrance In certain universities, merit-based admission or entrance exams are required.
  • Proficiency in English, wit, professionalism and a good attitude are all desirable qualities.

How do you become an air hostess?

What exactly is an air hostess?

Males, like women, can join the aircrew and are known as hosts.The majority of airline firms use a written exam to choose candidates. This is to assess your logic and aptitude.Then there’s a group discussion in which your talents are put to the test, and then there’s an interview to assess your whole personality.

Following your selection, you will be trained for the next six months.

Fees for air hostess training

There are three levels of training available:

  • a bachelor’s degree program
  • A certificate program is available.
  • A diploma program is available.
  • Depending on the subject, the training course can cost anywhere between Rs 50,000 and Rs 1,50,000. It also depends on the training institute, therefore you should inquire about fees directly with them.
  • Companies that hire air hostesses

Any of the following airlines can engage you after you complete your air hostess training at any reputable institute throughout the world:

  • Lufthansa
  • Singapore Airlines is a Singapore-based airline.
  • British Airways is a British airline.
  • Delta Airlines is an Atlanta-based commercial airline.
  • Other carriers include United Airlines, Cathay Pacific Vistara, and others.

What are an air hostess’ responsibilities?

  • Greeting and directing passengers to their seats, as well as providing flight rules information.
  • Maintaining the cleanliness of the aircraft, as well as the safety equipment and performing pre-and post-flight inspections.
  • Ascertain that all passengers are wearing seat belts and that all hand luggage is safely placed.
  • Passengers are served meals and refreshments.
  • Making announcements on behalf of the pilot.
  • I’m putting together a flight report.
  • Taking care of any shipboard emergency.
  • When passengers require medical attention, it is provided.

Provisions and perks

Working as a travel agent allows you to see a variety of places.

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