Al Fakher Shisha Flavour | Which One Should You Choose

Almost in all Middle Eastern nations, shisha, often known as a hookah, is a glass device that allows you to inhale through a tube. Shisha is a popular tobacco product that originated in Egypt and other countries in the middle east. Middle Eastern-themed cafés and restaurants are the most common places to find them nowadays. Many restaurants and cafes in the UAE sell shisha. The fact that shisha is not just tobacco-based makes it unique. Natural materials, including fruits, water-based beverages, mint leaves, and other aromatic compounds, can be smoked and inhaled. Al Fakher Shisha Flavours, one of the well-known brands, are available in various flavours. Check out some of the popular ones.

Popular shisha flavours you must try


It’s no surprise that Grape combined with Mint is the top taste of Al fakher flavours. This shisha flavour is a must-try if you enjoy berry flavours. The flavour buds are indescribably delighted by the sweet grape aroma blended subtly with Mint.

It’s a perfectly mixed choice so that you won’t taste an overly strong mint flavour but rather the ideal level of freshness. After smoking, smokers get the aftertaste of Mint in their mouth, which is a delightful sensation.

As you open the packaging, you’ll notice a velvety, juicy, and vine-like appearance. Although it has a relatively strong and minty aroma, the taste is sweet Grape. The flavour switches from sweet to Mint while you’re smoking. Its decent, substantial clouds make this flavour of shisha a favourite. This flavour will satisfy you if you enjoy smoking hookah sessions that produce thick clouds.


The combination of Blueberry with Mint flavour is ideal if you enjoy both mint and blueberry flavours. Whether you’re a novice hookah lover or a seasoned hookah smoker, you’ll adore it. This shisha taste is well-balanced, delivering the ideal combination of blueberries’ sweetness and tartness and the cold, soothing sensation of minty on the breath.

The berry flavour is a definite winner and takes the lead throughout, so there is no conflict between the fruity and Mint flavour. With this incredible flavour, you can quickly get the attention of a novice hookah smoker.

The mint flavour of the hookah is quite delicate. When you first explore the content in the package, you’ll become curious to start smoking right away due to the potent and alluring fragrances. If you would not prefer it individually, it makes an excellent mixer.


Let’s begin with a fascinating fact. The most heavily smoked flavour across the globe is Al-Fakher’s Double Apple. This flavour is sometimes known as Two Apples; however, they are just one thing.

It features a distinctively sweet apple flavour that is subtly infused with liquorice essence. The end product is the well-known and usual flavour anyone can get in the majority of al fakher shisha online stores, hookah cafes and shisha bars. It’s a rather conventional blend that is unquestionably worthwhile. Everyone seeking a sweet and nice flavour or starting with hookah smoking should try it.


Melon shisha from Al-Fakher has a sweet flavour that combines perfectly with lemon and Mint. But it’s also wonderful and distinct from others. Once you take your first breath, you’ll immediately taste the sweet taste of melon.

It resembles a sweet melon treat. Its cooling and fruit-rich flavour take away the thick, sweet taste that some people don’t like. There is a little aftertaste of spice.

Final Words

The Fresh Al Fakher Shisha Flavour and dense, superior, and puffy vapours that will warm the hearts of hookah users are of the highest calibre. The nicotine content in Al-Fakher tastes is relatively low. The average concentration of nicotine within is 0.5%. The flavours are, therefore, not as potent and addicting. Al-Fakher tastes are available for regular smoking.

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