Benefits of Purchasing a CS: GO account

Counter-Strike Global Offensive, or CS: GO, is one of the world’s most played games and is one that is loved by millions of gamers around the world. The game itself is freely available on platforms such as Steam. The game is a first-person shooter and is a 5v5 player vs. player game. Its popularity has consistently kept growing in the past decade and is one of the most loved videogames of all time. It is a game that has defined an entire generation’s love for first-person shooters and has established itself as one of the best games out there.

So, if the game is available for free, and all one would need is a simple new email to create a new account, why should anybody buy csgo accounts? The following are some aspects to keep into consideration as to why purchasing an account can be very beneficial.

Avoid Grinding

CS: GO has a very intense ranked mode and has a long and comprehensive rank for each skill level player. This mode can be very difficult for newer players as the game can go on for very long, and casual players simply may not have the time to invest in this every day. Even before they can begin playing the ranked, a CS: GO account is needed to be ranked up to a certain level. This adds an element of grinding that many players simply may not have the time for. It also makes the game less enjoyable for those players as they are unable to jump into the content they truly want.

Even when players are able to begin playing ranked matching, your ability to rank up is heavily dependent on the teammates and opponents you may come across. This means that often, most games are a coin toss, wherein you are hoping for good teammates on your team and bad players on the opposing one. As a single-player, there is very little that can be done to overturn the outcome of any game. This makes it very difficult to make progress in CSGO and makes it difficult to reach the rank you wish to play at.

It is under these circumstances that buying CSGO accounts becomes a viable option.

Play at the rank you want

If you are a player that finds themselves in a lower elo and are unable to climb due to time constraints, inconsistent playing schedule, and bad teammates, purchasing a CS GO account may be a viable way to continue enjoying the game on the rank that you wish to play at and also having an enjoyable time with the game overall. Services that sell CSGO accounts can often provide you with the perfect ranked account for your exact needs as a player and allow you to play at whatever rank you want with whatever rank you want to be at. This is a massive time saver for a nearly negligible cost. The cost of these accounts makes them very accessible to the players who wish to avail themselves.

Play with friends at their rank

Many players who are extremely high rank are often unable to play with their friends who may be of a lower rank. A smurf account at that lower rank would make it very comfortable for the player to simply acquire the right account at the right rank. The alternative to purchasing a CSGO account would be to invest anywhere from 50 – to 100 hours simply to get up to a particular rank to play with friends.

All of that time could be spent elsewhere, and in the meantime, a player could simply rely on a bought account for the rank to be at an appropriate level. If the player wants to help their friends rank up from a low rank to a higher one, an account like this can also be the ideal fit for their needs.

Trust Factor and Avoiding Bad Games

Trust Factor is a system implemented by developers to make matchmaking in CSGO comfortable and easy to do. If your trust factor is high, you will consistently get better games with players around your rank and around your own trust factor. This makes sure that the game environment is not toxic and that it is not uncomfortable for people to play in. However, players can simply lose the trust factor by simply disconnecting once or twice or by being inactive on their account for an extended period of time. This can make it, so they are unable to get good games, and it ruins the overall gameplay experience.

Buying a CSGO account may feel like an unusual decision to make, but there are many considerations and reasons for which someone may want buy CSGO accounts, and all of them are very much justified. The game is old, but there are many elements to it that may be deemed unnecessary or simply annoying. To handle them, purchasing a CSGO account may be the simplest solution.

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