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If you are planning to choose the best WordPress hosting site. So Digi Biigi will tell you the best WordPress hosting company and its features. So now I will tell you what WordPress hosting is and how it works. WordPress hosting websites are those sites that provide us heavy security and a large data storage facility. They also provide the different countries’ server geo locations which you want and these companies provide many comfortable services. Here Digi Biigi tells you about WordPress hosting company that helps you to manage your site easily.  If you are searching for the best website designing company in ahmedabad then click here.

The best WordPress hosting sites are:

  • Kinsta
  • WPEngine
  • In Motion Hosting 
  • SiteGround
  • WPXHosting
  •  Bluehost

1: kinsta

This site is the very best WordPress hosting. It has a higher quality of hosting. This site works on the principle of business to business and with the genesis frameworks and 40 above studio press and the free WordPress themes. This site work is very fine or classic. Which feels like the full use of money. Kinsta provides the best service to the user and it has 10 different server locations. You can choose any server where you want. Some special features of kinsta are free CDN, many server locations, everyday backup, and also on the demand backup, google cloud platforms, free site migration, outstanding customer support, and advanced features. Their plans start from $30/ month. 

2: WPengine

This best WordPress hosting site provides the move facility from the existing hosting. They also provide the free service of CDN and SSL. This site has a feature of geo-target. You can choose different geo-locations where you want. This site’s main feature is PHP 7x+, dev, stage, prod environments, and smart themes with the best framework for all plans. This site all plans start from $35/month which allows 25000 months visit. 

3: InMotion 

This is the hosting site that belongs from the U.S and was set up in 2001. If you are looking for the best WordPress hosting site from America, this is the best site for you. It has many types of hosting & without the limited bandwidth and storing capacity. Provide exclusive free domain name service and; free website migration. And its headquarter was in Los Angeles. And its main features are free SSL and domain name, without limited disk space, 200+ free WordPress templates.

4: SiteGround 

This is one of those sites that offers PHP 7.3.  Their servers are in the U.S.A, U.K, Netherland, Singapore. The hard work, this site develops the in-house cache technology which is known as super cacher. It is the best WordPress hosting which takes a high load or heavy traffic. Its key feature is 24hours support, free CDN, and SSL on every plan, it gives the back backup and restores all plans, best security level, 30 days money return policy, auto-update of all applications and plugins, it has a free plan of migration on GoGreek plans and GrowBig, and staging environment. 

5: WPX Hosting 

It is known for its excellent customer satisfaction and support. They provide them free WordPress website plugins and themes. They take only 37 seconds to host the customer site if the customer wants but for this, the customer has to open his /her wallet and pay a little amount for the best or instant result. And it has spec hardware and unlimited free migration. If you have a budget of $20-25/month. So it is the best WordPress hosting.

6: Bluehost

It has unlimited bandwidth and storage. This site feels like the full use of money. And the second main feature as it allows the install WordPress in 5-6 minutes. It has the best WordPress hosting themes Some features are a free domain name (which was a great money-saving for fresher), PHP 7.0, 30 days money-back guarantee, Endless disk storage, and an optimized server for WordPress. And its package starts from $2.95-$5. It depends on the package you chose.



These are the best WordPress hosting sites. You can select according to your use or needs. From my side, I like the Bluehost website because this site is overloaded with features and there are so many free features that you have to buy if you are using another site. Like free domain name or etc. and in my experience kinsta and WPEngine are also good websites for large numbers of pages approx a million pages. And A2 Hosting is also a good site that helps newcomers in this field. And unlimited bandwidth and traffic. So these are the best WordPress hosting sites. Which I recommend you to use.

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