Budget to Study MBBS in Kazakhstan

Budget to Study MBBS in Kazakhstan

Introduction: MBBS in Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan’s Education is most excellent investment in a student’s life. In today’s world, good quality education can determine a bright and successful career for students. Quality doesn’t have to be expensive. It means making the right choice at the right time.

Why MBBS in Kazakhstan?

Becoming a doctor is a very important and rewarding career. It takes hard work, dedication and discipline. What makes it difficult is the availability of seats in colleges. In India, the places available for students are far below what is needed. Therefore, countries like Kazakhstan are very selective among students who want to pursue an MBBS and become a Doctor of Budget. The first thing, among others, that comes to mind for parents and students is the budget.

So, let’s see what type of scholarship is obligatory to study MBBS in Kazakhstan.

MBBS Duration and Tuition Fees in Kazakhstan

Tuition is the most important factor in budgeting for your college journey. It is also the largest part of the budget. MBBS in Kazakhstan is a 6-year course. If we look at the top universities that offer high-quality education and affordable prices, tuition fees range from $3,500 to $5,000 per year. So for 6 years, the cost will be around $21,000 to $30,000 which is really good news. In addition, because the fees are paid annually, the cost is spread over the entire period, making it easy and affordable.

Accommodation cost:

The second important part is accommodation. Although tuition fees are similar among universities in Kazakhstan, there are many differences depending on the city and the lifestyle a student chooses to live. An apartment or a single apartment without shared accommodation. In universities, there can be 2 students to 4 students in a room. Additional washrooms are available or can be shared on each or single floor of the residence. Kitchen and laundry areas are shared on each floor for ease of use. The cost per student will be $60 to $130 per month depending on the city and room type.

In the final years of their studies, students also decide to live with friends and leave a home. Of course, apartments are expensive to rent in big cities like Almaty, which are capital. Overall, a 2/3 bedroom apartment can cost anywhere from $300 to $800 per month depending on location. Utility bills such as heating, gas, and electricity can be included or excluded upon agreement. Generally, it can cost up to $50-$100 per month depending on factors like usage etc.

Food costs:

Food is one of the most important and deciding factors when choosing a country for many people. This is more important for parents who choose to send their children abroad for MBBS in Kazakhstan.

Kazakhstan has a variety of cuisines. Its soil is fertile and fertile, and its harvest is good and affordable. Hostel food is great for students who don’t like to cook. It also helps them to focus on research instead of spending time on cooking. Many university hostels serve Indian food to Indian students. Breakfast and lunch are usually served on weekdays, and the restaurant is open during lunch hours if anyone wants to order food. On weekends and holidays, meals are served at different times according to policy.

Typically $100 per month for residential students

Food prices in Kazakhstan are as follows:

Milk (per liter) – $0.5 to $1

Bread – $0.4 – 0.8

Product (12) – $1 – 1.2

Rice (1 kg) – $1 – 1.2

Fruit (1kg) – $1 or more.

Vegetables (1 kg) – $0.4 or more.

Chicken (1 kg) – $3.5 – 4

Meat (1kg) – $5 – 6

It’s a buffet-style eating place where you can choose between plates and bowls of food. A meal at a small restaurant can cost $3 and up.

Travel costs:

Traveling in Kazakhstan is cheaper. There are different ways to travel to Kazakhstan. You can use the bus, train, metro or taxi. A single trip on public transport costs $0.25. The monthly fee is about $10. The minimum taxi fare is around $1.50. There is a national train service to travel between cities and it is expensive.


Mobile and web:

For about $5, students can get a great plan for cell phone and Internet use.

Movies (per person): about $3.5 or more.

Fitness club (monthly): $20 or more.

Medicines are cheap in Kazakhstan, so it’s a good idea to take basic medicines with you when traveling. Daily products are available in supermarkets throughout Kazakhstan.

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