Can I Put My Shoes In the Dryer?

You can safely put your favorite pair of sneakers and tennis shoes in the washing machine. Just be careful not to leave your footwear in the dryer.

If you use a machine to clean the dirt out of your clothes, you may get the same results by putting your shoes into the dryer. The problem with this is that you may get hot and sweaty inside the dryer, which could burn the soles of your shoes.

Leather, suede, and rubber-based shoes are another story. They will last longer if you clean them manually. You should wash your leather can you put shoes in the washer before putting them in the washing machine. It will make your shoes look shinier.

If you wash your leather shoes and your laundry detergent contains a lot of oil, your shoes may end up getting wrinkled. It is important to test the material of your shoes before you put them in the washing machine.

The best way to test it is to pour a small amount of water on the leather. Make sure the water doesn’t soak it. If the leather is still supple and doesn’t shrink after a few minutes, it is safe to put it in the washing machine.


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