Buying Used Cars In Australia For Cash – 10 Steps To Avoid Buying – 2022

There are many benefits to buying a used automobile in Australia as opposed to a new one, one can get cash for cars in hobart but the seller may not have disclosed all of its flaws. To prevent purchasing a lemon, abide by our succinct list of 10 points.

Invest in a secondhand automobile that suits your requirements

Along with your budget, other factors to think about include security, safety, brands and models you prefer, fuel efficiency vs performance, operating and maintenance expenses, travel distances, transporting people, power for boats or trailers, parking, and room for work or sports equipment.

Take into account extra expenses

Stamp duty, registration, transfer fees, insurance, and other expenses are in addition to the price of the vehicle purchased from the seller. Before you start looking for a secondhand automobile that you can afford, consider these expenses.

Should I purchase it from a dealer, privately, online, or at an auction?


Benefits include the ability to speak with the owner and often lower prices since there are no overhead costs.

There is no guarantee, no title security, no legal recourse if you purchase a lemon, and there may be significant hidden damage or repair work, which are all disadvantages.


Benefits include having recourse against the dealer in the event of unpaid debt or theft, receiving a warranty, the possibility of receiving a trade-in for your current vehicle, having a “cooling-off” period if financing your used car purchase from a business affiliated with the dealer, and the likelihood that the vehicle will be in drivable condition when it is put up for sale.

Dealers have a reputation for being aggressive, are often more costly, and are likely to offer you a lower trade-in value for your existing vehicle.


Benefits include not having to travel, having access to a wealth of price information, sometimes getting colour images of the used vehicle, buying in most of Australia, and avoiding in-person haggling.

The car may not be available for you to inspect and test drive, especially if you are purchasing it over state lines.

Advantages of auctions include potential cost savings and title guarantees

The disadvantages include the possibility of an auction charge, the need to re-register the vehicle and get a roadworthy certificate, the lack of a guarantee, the inability to test drive, and the lack of legal recourse in the event that you purchase a lemon.

Get an examination with a companion

Having an ally in your corner, especially if they are more knowledgeable about vehicles than you are, strengthens your negotiating position since two eyes and ears are always better than one. Ideally, bring a mechanic with you or arrange for an inspection. Most of the time, it will save you a tonne of time and misery and will be well worth the cost. Poorly done repairs and corrosion, bad electrical wiring, exhaust, engine sounds, tyre, wheel, and brake problems, automobile interior linings, seat belts, and window functionality are all things that a skilled individual may spot.

Verify who owns what

Call R.E.V.S. in NSW, Australia. The Register of Encumbered Vehicles is known as REVS. It is a legally required public register that benefits the general public, the financial industry, and the auto industry. The NSW Office of Fair Trading offers a commercial service called REVS that may inform you if a boat or motor vehicle you are considering purchasing has outstanding debt. To do a REVS check, you must provide:

  1. If the car is registered, the registration number
  2. Chassis or VIN number

Engine number 3

You should get the car’s information and compare it to the information on the registration documents to make sure the vehicle is accurate.

You may acquire a REVS Search Certificate online for $12.00, which provides you with conditional legal protection against repossession because of the prior owner’s outstanding debt. Additionally, you may buy a certificate by calling the REVS contact centre seven days a week at (02) 9633 6333 (Sydney) or (1800) 424 988 (Country). The call centre is open from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm on weekdays and from 9 am to 5 pm on weekends.

You must have a pink slip inspection report from the owner that is up to date for the current month.

Put it through its paces.

Drive the vehicle on a calm route while keeping an ear out for engine sounds. Does it steer, brake, and handle properly? How is the suspension going? Try a 3 point turn, a hill start, and a reverse park. On a lonely stretch of road at around 40 kilometres per hour, abruptly brake a couple of times. Did it steer straight or did it deviate to one side?

Strike the greatest bargain during negotiations

Keep in mind that you are in charge while you still have money in your pocket! Before you go out to buy a used automobile, do your research and learn the going rates. If they are within reason, provide a price that is a little lower and, if applicable, remark that you have found better offers elsewhere. Mention the repair expenses if they won’t budge, then wait for them to start talking. Make a little higher offer, or, depending on how much you want the vehicle, ask if they’ll include anything extra like free new tyres. If they’re still being stubborn, turn away. There are many other automobiles on the market, and it’s possible that better offers are available nearby.

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