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How to Draw a Tweety Bird

How to Draw a Tweety Bird. Looney Tunes cartoons have given us some of the most memorable and emblematic cartoon cartoons. One of these characters is the lovely Tweety bird, a small canary that the unfortunate cat Sylvester is

How to draw a furry head

How to draw a furry head. The fur community is a popular community around the world. Fans of practice can design and live an animal character, and characters from classic cartoons often inspire these personalities. For fans of this

8 Top Lighting Trends 2022 for You

Lighting trends are quite volatile across the ages and they keep changing from time to time. In the recent times, the trends vary from overhead pendants, bespoke fittings to elegant sculptural shapes and styles. In the following section of

How to Write the Best College Essay

The college essay is simply a replication of your talent and skills. It helps to get admission to any college. An essay is a piece of writing that is intended to present a concept, make a case, express a feeling, or start a discussion. It