Choosing Bluetooth Speaker for Smartphone

Warm long days. Lots of time to spend outdoors. Consider a mobile speaker if you want to take your music with you.

What is a Bluetooth speaker?

Bluetooth speakers are small, portable devices that can be connected to other devices that support Bluetooth or NFC wireless communication: a smartphone, tablet, laptop, and sometimes a TV.

In fact, a more accurate definition is “mobile speaker”. Its main advantage is the possibility of convenient carrying with you.

The term “wireless speaker” is also often used, although it should be borne in mind that many models support wireless audio transmission using Bluetooth and NFC, and wired.

The mobile speaker allows you to play audio files at high volume while maintaining high sound quality, which is impossible with standard speakers built into a smartphone or tablet.

In addition, some models of mobile speakers are combined into one connection, which provides surround sound reproduction (multi-channel).

Bluetooth speaker applications

Outdoor music

The wireless party speaker will come in handy at the beach or barbecue. Waterproof models can be taken with you even to the pool. By pairing it with your phone, you will have a great music playback kit.

Listen to music with friends in the mountains, camping – wherever there is a desire for this, regardless of the conditions. Just bring your phone and one or two small mobile speakers that fit easily in your pocket.

Music on the go

Traveling with friends in the same train compartment? You can make your way by listening to music together.

Playing mobile games on your smartphone or tablet? The sound from the mobile speaker will be much better and more spacious than from the built-in speaker.

Such a speaker can replace the radio in the bathroom. It is a much cheaper and more versatile alternative than a radio built into the shower panel. The main thing is that the speaker is waterproof. If it is dustproof, you will be able to use it while painting or repairing. Hide your phone in a safe place, such as a closet, and listen to music from the speaker while continuing to work.

Music at home

More models are great for this purpose, for example, JBL Xtreme or Creative iRoar. Such a speaker can even replace a stereo system. The whole set takes up little space and can be easily taken with you. You will also avoid tangles with extra wires – your audio system will not disturb the harmony of the interior.

It is also a great solution for people who travel frequently. You will be able to play music from your phone, so you will only store it on one medium. Even watching video services in bed with a tablet is more enjoyable when the sound comes from a good subwoofer.

In addition, you can listen to podcasts, FM radio, or the internet. You can charge your smartphone while still listening to music. You connect it to the charger in the room, take the speaker with you and listen to music while washing dishes. Want even more comfort? Choose a speaker with a power bank function

Music in the car

The phone + wireless speaker works great as a hands-free car kit. While driving, you can safely talk on the phone. Just install applications that support voice calling.

When you’re not talking, listen to the music you have on your phone (or a playlist from a music site). When you get out of the car, you can take the audio system with you. This is a particularly good solution if, for example, you often park your car in a place where loud music from standard speakers can annoy others.

Bluetooth speaker connectors

An audio jack or AUX expands the functionality of a mobile speaker – they can be used to connect devices that do not have a wireless module (for example, an MP3 player).

Thanks to this, you will be able to enjoy the best sound quality. This is because wired transmission does not require compression, unlike the Bluetooth standard.


So, if you want to choose good wireless Bluetooth speakers for your smartphone. Now is the time to look into all the factors and necessary features that you require. Because while choosing it is recommended to research so you don’t have to work more on it.

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