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Who is DC Young Fly?

John Whitfield was born on the 2nd of May 1993 in Atlanta, Georgia USA, and is better known under his stage name as well as his the online pseudonym DC Young Fly is a 27-year-old rapper actor, comedian and online celebrity. The rapper became famous due to his Vine videos as well as his appearances on MTV shows.

DC Young Fly Bio: Early Life, Family, and Education

DC Young Fly was raised in the west Atlanta neighborhood of Adamsville and was in a community. With a high level of crime which led to numerous criminal activity. Since the age of thirteen. The name is actually an abbreviation of the term ‘Da Crew’ as his best friends. And he used to refer to themselves as they were teenagers. The divorce of his parents took place in the year 2006 at the age of 14 years old.

He was a student at Benjamin E. Mays High School in Atlanta in the United States. Despite the fact that his status was viewed as an unprofessional clown by the teachers at school, he became a hit and well-liked by his fellow students and was renowned for his hilarious humor. Unfortunately, DC suffered two family tragic events at a young age His brother was first killed in 2011 and two years later , his father passed away due to Alzheimer’s disease for a number of years. In the wake of his brother’s death, DC got the famous tattoo of his forehead and began his career as a rapper in honor of his brother.

Career Beginnings

DC Young Fly made a name for himself after he began recording and uploading videos to Vine. Vine platform back in 2013. Vine was an online video platform that was short-form, which allowed users to upload six-second long videos, typically of comedic content. It was here that DC’s comedy talent truly shined and he quickly established himself as one of top creators of content on Vine. The videos often included roasts of celebrities like Kevin Hart, Drake, Meek Mill, and LeBron James. His popularity on the internet was lucrative for his rap career too. The year 2014 saw him dropped his debut single titled “Westside Connections”, and shortly thereafter, his follow-up song “M.A.P”, followed by singles “Right Now” and “No Weed” in 2016.

Rise to Fame

Even after the Vine platform was shut down in 2016, DC Young Fly managed to remain relevant. And increase his fame even more due to his dedication and his talent. His TV career started with his participation. The MTV network’s comedy sketches as well as the improv-based television show “Nick Cannon Presents: Wild ‘N Out”.

The show’s concept is to pit two comedians in teams against each one another in a series of games that are made up of improvised comedy. DC made his debut appearance in the 8th episode of the series and was a regular participant from season 8 to season 13. In addition, he was contacted by the MTV channel to host the show for”TRL. “TRL” series reboot, which he accepted and it premiered in 2017. Additionally the fact that he started to regularly upload videos to his own YouTube channel and soon became a YouTube star. His YouTube channel now has 400,000 subscribers as well as his content has earned nearly 22 million hits.

However his work with MTV and YouTube did not deter him from pursuing his professional rap career. In 2017, he released two albums of rap music called “The 85 South Live Variety Show” and “Supplyin Pressure”. This album composed of content from his show with other hip-hop artists Clayton English and Karlous Miller. Some of the most listened-to songs on the album include “FawwwkUMean”, “Don’t Play With Me”, “Trust Issues” and “Dey Hate”.

Since 2016, the now famous comedian has ventured into the world of acting several times. Starring in films such as “#DigitalLivesMatter” and “Almost Christmas” both in 2016, and “Armed” (2018). Additionally, he was a guest in television shows like “Dead House”, “In the Cut” and “Mann and Wife”.

Personal Life

In regards to the personal side of his life DC Young Fly and Jacky Oh are currently in a relationship. Although the couple isn’t legally married, they are as a couple and they have one daughter called Nova born in 2016. Jacky Oh has been a actor model, model, TV presenter and Instagram famous. DC Young Fly and Jacky Oh were on the set on “Wild ‘N Out”, and they together with Nova are frequently featured in DC’s channel on YouTube. The family is currently at Los Angeles.

Net Worth

DC Young Fly’s career got underway in 2013 and he’s been active in the world of entertainment since. If you’ve have ever wondered about how rich the guy is, it has been calculated by reliable experts that the overall that he is worth about $5 million. This is a sum accumulated over his career as a performer, rapper comedian and internet celebrity.

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