Deciding the SAP Software Price

There are a number of determinants for deciding the SAP software price.  The cost of the SAP B1 software in India will typically depend on a number of factors like the following –

  • The users using the software.
  • Whether it is for a single company or a multiple companies set-up.
  • A single country or multiple countries set up.

What is the SAP Software Price in India?

SAP is an ERP software application that is essential for sustaining a business. Sadly, some companies are not able to use it. The reason is that SAP Software price can be very expensive. The variety of licenses, the frequency of payment, as well as the software editions can have different costs. SAP Software Price will also depend on whether the customer has a permanent license or he has taken a subscription.

SAP software price for permanent licenses

Businesses can purchase SAP Business One software by paying a single one-time cost as well as a yearly license AMC. There are a number of user licenses that depend on the version that is selected it can be a professional version or a starter pack.

The most common licenses in the professional SAP version are

  • Professional License – Businesses are able to get unlimited access to all SAP B1 features which include, customer management, sales, financial management, etc.
  • Limited General License – This will give access to only limited SAP Business One features under the groups of business processes.

Starter Pack Version

The starter pack is designed specifically for the very small businesses or startups who are beginning the upgradation of their business processes. This is an affordable package as far as SAP software price is concerned and will include the most used modules like purchasing, sales orders, item management, accounting, etc.

SAP software price for Implementation

Other than the costs of purchasing a one-time license or a monthly subscription, the businesses will also incur the cost of their ERP implementation.  It doesn’t matter through which method the business uses SAP Business One, they should take the help of a certified and experienced SAP consultant for the implementation of SAP Business One. Some businesses have requirements for any additional solutions that have been specifically developed for SAP Business One, which include payroll, barcoding, credit card integration, manufacturing, etc. SAP Business One will cover most of the needs of businesses from an ERP solution.

SAP Business One modules

There are various SAP Business One modules for controlling the everyday activities of an organization like MM, SD, FICO, HR, PS, ABAP, CRM, PP, etc. There are two kinds of SAP Business One modules – Functional Modules as well as Technical Modules. All SAP Business One modules combine with each other according to functionality and provide an excellent solution for any business.

SAP Business One modules help organizations to execute different kinds of business processes such as financial accounting, human resources, production planning, customer relations, etc. SAP has a total of twenty-five modules. All the modules cannot be expanded in the business processes.

The following is the list of the highest paying SAP Business One modules that almost all organizations use –

  • Production Planning (PP)
  • Sales & Distribution (SD)
  • Exchange Infrastructure (XI)
  • Advanced Business Application Management (ABAP)
  • Human Resource (HR)
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Material Management (MM)
  • Business Information Warehousing (BIW)
  • Finance & Control (FICO)

This is one of the most valued additions of SAP since the beginning. The SAP S/4 HANA module is known for high-performance analytics and is the easiest to use. It is helpful in solving complicated problems and working on a large amount of data.

  • SAP ECC FI module (Financial Accounting)

SAP ECC FI is dealing with handling as well as controlling the financial transactions of the company.

This SAP Business One module will help the employees to maintain all the data in a single centralized database for the transactions which include payables and receivables. It is very good for reporting and works well in a variety of economic situations.

SAP FI module can be integrated with other modules like SAP PP, SAP MM, Payroll, etc. for achieving better results.

  • SAP HCM module (Human Capital Management)

The SAP HCM module helps in increasing the data management as well as work processes of the HR department. The processes that are important in the Human Resource Department like the hiring of candidates, management of payroll, incentives and compensations, PF & gratuity, and other activities can be processed very easily using this SAP Business One module.

  • SAP SCM (Supply Chain Management) module

One of the most difficult parts of a manufacturing and production company is the end-to-end procurement and distribution processes. It is tough to integrate into a single track for ensuring that the wastages, leakages, as well as misuses, are reduced. Management of the demand and supply of products can be made much easier and more efficient with the help of the SAP SCM module. The module will effectively cover the production and demand planning, as well as business forecasting. It will also track and monitor the processes like the product and information flow.

  • SAP BI (Business Intelligence) module

SAP BI module will process the transactions for algorithms that can take out the appropriate information from raw data for enterprises to make informed decisions. With the help of the SAP Business One module, the new data can be shown in the form of reports, which include tables and charts, etc.

  • SAP MM (Material Management) module

The SAP Material Management (MM) module will overlook the procurement processes of the organization. It will include the planning, controlling, and implementation processes. This module will ensure that there are no issues or blockages in the supply chain procedures by quickening the procurement as well as material management activities and making the enterprise operations efficient and affordable.

  • SAP NetWeaver

SAP NetWeaver is a unified technology platform that makes the access to SAP data easy through simple HTTP or smartphones. The basic function of the SAP NetWeaver module is the connection of people, information and processes smoothly.


The SAP software price will be dependent on a number of factors which include the size of the company, its licenses, business requirements as well as any customizations if required. SAP Business One modules will integrate with each other and offer excellent solutions for any business.

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