How To Start Blogging For Free And Earn Money

Do you want to start blogging for free and earn money from it? If yes, then you must consider facts that can help you make things work well in your way at the right time. Then, correctly applying the strategy can help you meet your goals. 

You must follow specific simple processes or procedures to start your free blogging site on Google. Then, you can maintain perfect planning for it to make things work as you wish. Now, you cannot just start earning just writing one single blog. 

The truth is you have to work hard to earn money from blogging. You cannot make things work all of a sudden. However, proper application of the strategy can make things work for you appropriately to reach your goals. 

Steps To Follow While You Want To Start Blogging & Earn Money 

You must follow some simple steps to start blogging and earn money. Make your choices in the right direction while you want to improve your business appropriately. 

1. Signup For 

First of all, you have to signup at Here, you will get the opportunity to build your account using your Google account. Then, you will see a new blog button on the top left-hand side. You can click on this button and start writing your first blog. 

It is the first step of your blogging journey to help you become a professional blogger in 2022. The chances of earning capacity in this field are pretty high. You need to ensure that you follow the steps correctly. 

2. Enter The Name Of Your Blog 

You must enter the name of your blog. It will help you gain recognition from the market. Once you have your name blog then, you will become the brand. You must come up with a unique name and template.  

It can make things work well in your way within a specific period. Try to make your choices in the correct direction to meet your objectives. You have to select the domain name from different sources. 

Try to select the best domain name to customize your blog at the right point in time. However, ensure that you must not make things complex and challenging at your end. 

3. Start Creating Some New Blog Posts 

You can start writing some new blog posts, which will help you build brand recognition for your blogs. But, first, you must consider facts that can help you meet your objectives within a specific period. 

Make proper research on the focus keyword, and then start writing a creative blog post. Then, you can avoid making things too much complicated on your end. 

Focus on your niche and target audience. After that, start writing your blog. You need to make choices in the right way. Your blog posts must attract the attention of your target audience. 

4. Add Google Adsense 

After you get a decent visitor on your blog post, start applying for Google Adsense. Do not apply to Google Adsense unless you bring 300 -400 unique visitors to your blog daily. Otherwise, it will not make any sense. 

Depending on the number of clicks you can generate revenue on your blog will depend on it. So you must keep this thing in your mind. If the clicks on your ads are less, then your income earning capacity will also be less. 

You must consider these facts when you want to get things done within a specific time frame. Ensure that you must ignore making your choices in the wrong direction. 

5. Focus On Getting Google Adsense Approval 

You must write your article keeping in mind to get approval from Google Adsense as fast as possible. You must identify the perfect plans to meet your objectives within a specific time frame.   

You must concentrate your attention on getting approval from Google Adsense. Try to get support as quickly as possible. The sooner you generate the Google Adsense approval, the better it will be for your business. 

6. Build Your Focus On SEO Factors 

Focus on the SEO factors to generate the maximum revenue from your blogs. Without proper SEO services, you cannot earn money from your blog. You have to build the backlinks for your sites. 

Once you receive solid backlinks from your site, your website traffic will automatically increase. So keep on focusing on these factors the results will be the best for your blogs. 

You can build links from various guest blogging sites to get more traffic for your website. You must ignore making things too complicated. 

7. Try To Rank Your Keywords Perfectly 

Make proper keyword research and try to write blogs on those Keywords. Minimum your blog must contain 1000 words article with proper research and information embedded in it. You have to meet up all the criteria to reach your goals. 

Select keywords that can rank higher in the SERP, and it will increase your blog’s traffic within an estimated time frame. 

Final Take Away 

Hence, these are some effective means of approaches you can adopt to earn money from blogs. Today, blogging is one of the most lucrative earning opportunities for your business in this digital era. 

You must feel free to share your views, ideas, and comments in the comment box. Try to make your concept clear on this matter. Keep your blog as appealing as possible. 

The earning opportunity from the blogs is enormous, but you must showcase your spirit to earn more. You need to follow the ways that are discussed above. Only then can you make money out of it.

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