Easy Steps to Zoho Mail Login

With Zoho, a suite of web-based business applications, you can set up a free email account for your company. Please follow these steps if you’re using Zoho Mail on the web. It doesn’t matter which browser you’re using; all of the steps are the same.

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Free Zoho Mail Accounts: How to Get Started

Zoho Mail offers 5GB of free online message storage with each personal account. Your phone number must be active and capable of receiving text messages. Free personal Zoho Mail accounts can be created by following these simple instructions:

* Enter your personal email address in the Zoho Mail Sign Up page field provided.

* In order to better handle emails for the workplace, a Zoho business account includes all of the necessary features to facilitate group communication and information sharing.

* This option is also available to those who prefer to sign up for a free Zoho.com email address through Google or Facebook.

* the email address text box is highlighted in this screenshot from Zoho Mail’s sign-up form

* Fill out the rest of the application:

  • In the Password field, type in a password that you can remember.
  • A password that is both easy to remember and difficult to guess should be used for your email account.

* In the fields provided, enter your first and last name. Using your real name is optional.

* Confirm that you have entered the correct phone number by entering it again.

* When writing a phone number, do not include dashes. Your phone number and the area code must be entered in a 10-digit string with no punctuation.

* Once you’ve entered your phone’s verification code, select Verify Code.

* Select Remind me later in the lower-right corner or enable two-factor authentication.



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