Employment in UK for International Students Studying in UK

Studying in the UK can be the expensive. The Government of UK and its institutes offer financial assistance to international students in form of scholarships, bursaries, aid and more. However, the student must be eligible for the scholarship to have access to its benefits.

Part-time employment while studying in the UK

  • The Government of UK allows international students to support their finances by allowing them to work while completing their study in the UK.
  • As an Indian student in the UK, one can work part-time for 20 hours a week during their academic year.   
  • During, holidays the student may work for 40 hours
  • Working while pursuing study in the UK will give students the needed exposure, and independence to fund their expenses
  • Working in the UK part-time while studying solely lies on two major conditions – those set by the university and those set by state-run official institutions
  • In some cases, depending on the course in pursue, the university may restrict the number of working hours; this, exclusive of government restrictions.
  • In the bigger cities of the UK it is comparatively easy to find a part-time job.
  • It is up to the university to allow students to work on campus
  • The student must have a valid Tier 4 visa. Students of age 16 and above not having a Tier 4 (General) are not permitted to work in the UK   
  • The conditions and permissions to work are printed on the Tier 4 sticker. The conditions also contain the number of hours per week during a term as a student.
  • The residence permit paperwork will contain all the needed information of where a student can and cannot work
Employment in UK for International Students Studying in UK

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Working in the UK after graduating

  • Some courses require students to complete a semester or two with industrial work – internships or apprenticeship.
  • Showing a high level of commitments towards your internships, and coupling it with good grades may land the student an offer from the employers
  • Or, the experience and skill earned from the internship can help attract employers to make offers.
  • With a good offer and future prospects, students can remain in the UK after graduating
  • This, however, needs to meet certain conditions-
  • The student/candidate must have an offer from an employer.
  • Eligibility to a visa of this stature would need to be met by a certain minimum salary  – ideally £35,000 per year
  •  After fulfilling the requirement, the candidate can them become a permanent citizen   

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The New Graduate Immigration Route

  • The GIR comes to the aid of international student who wish to work in the UK after completing their study.
  • The government of UK announced the New Graduate Immigration Route also known as the post-study work visa for international students in the UK.
  • The new announcement will give students the opportunity to remain in the UK for a period of up to two years and look for employment after they graduate.
  • The new Graduate Immigration Route was launched with effect from the summer of 2021
  • Students that have graduated from in the summer of 2021 or after can apply for the post-study work permit
  • Students pursuing courses that have commenced are also eligible for the new route
  • Students can take up any job, at any level or skill during their two years, and may switch to a job in their field of choice during this time.
  • Students with a valid Tier 4 visa, and having completed their undergraduate or graduate degree from a recognized higher education provider are eligible for the new post-study work visa
  • The New Gradate Immigration Route will require a new application and the payment of the visa fee – £700 and the Immigration Health Surcharge of £624 per year.

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