How to Make Your Event Registration Smart With WhatsApp Automation?

It is not difficult to elevate the online event registration system for your in-person event. Furthermore, you just have to use the smart solution and make a better difference by integrating WhatsApp automation.

Are you curious how WhatsApp automation can change the complete experience? Then here is a comprehensive list of ways that can guide you better.

10 Ways to Make Your Event Registration Smart Using Whatsapp Automation!

10 Ideas that can change the complete experience of your in-person event with WhatsApp automation in 2023 and beyond are as follows:

1. Paid, Unpaid, and Invite-Based Event Registration

You can use WhatsApp as your platform to take online event registrations. It can reduce your audience’s hassle of standing in a line and waiting for the ticket. Furthermore, you can make your event more immersive by letting your audience register online. You can conduct a paid and unpaid event for which you can take registrations online without hassle.

WhatsApp will help you share the registration and payment link with your audience. Hence, it can help you, make an easy transaction and change the complete experience for your attendees. Also, you can send invitations to your audience for an event they would love to join.

2. RSVP Management

You can manage the RSVP process without hassle. Moreover, event ticketing applications like WhatsApp will help you send messages and take confirmation from your audience. Hence, it can be difficult to fill out the seats in an in-person event. So, you will get a chance to book and confirm the seats for your audience in advance.

You can create attractive and innovative messages for your attendees. Also, you can try making it customized so it will give them a feeling of importance. You can get a higher chance of maximum confirmations with such personalized RSVP messages.

3. Event Ticketing

It can be difficult for the audience to come to the venue and then wait in the queue to get their tickets. Furthermore, you can create an event ticketing platform where you can keep your audience’s demographic information and use it to create tickets for everyone.

It will provide you with QR-based tickets with initials and photos of the participants. Hence, you can send them the tickets via WhatsApp. They just have to show the tickets while entering the event venue. Also, you can simply scan and let them enter the event without hassle.

4. Push Notification and Broadcast

Online event registration is not the only benefit that you can get with WhatsApp. You can also get to send various push notifications and conversations before, during, and after the event. Furthermore, your guest attending the event will get automatic WhatsApp messages over different touchpoints of the attendee journey.

Hence, you can provide them with automated designed communication for a better event experience. Also, you can trigger automatic WhatsApp messages when your customer takes an action or even if they don’t. You can use custom replies for frequently asked questions to save your time and effort. Additionally, you can manage high volumes of customer conversations efficiently.

5. Database Marketing

You can set up one-time or recurring campaigns to build campaigns for audiences based on customer attributes and events. Furthermore, you can use rich media images, videos, PDFs, etc., to elevate campaign performance. Also, you can boost the interactive message templates with the help of CTAs and Quick Reply buttons. Hence, you can get a lot of benefits with the right event registration system.

6. Live Audience Engagement

It can be difficult to engage the audience during in-person events. However, it is not impossible as you have the best event solutions at your fingertips. Furthermore, you can send Non-transactional messages such as discounts and offers, back-in-stock alerts, and more. It will be helpful to keep your audience interested in your event from start to end. Also, you can monitor campaign performance stats like the number of messages Sent, Delivered, Read, and Replied to.

7. Post Event Feedback Via WhatsApp

It is really crucial to know how your audience felt during the event. Hence, the in-person event platform experts suggest taking WhatsApp into use. Furthermore, you can create different styles of feedback forms and send them to your audience. They will fill out the form and provide you with constructive feedback for your event. Hence, the best way to take reviews from customers is with the power of WhatsApp.

8. Digital Event Help Desk

Your audience may face a lot of trouble during the live in-person event. So, it is your responsibility to provide them with a support desk where they can get solutions for all their problems in real-time. Furthermore, you can offer customer support at scale on WhatsApp. It will help you manage 1000s of customer conversations with ease via WhatsApp business APIs. Hence, you and your audience now do not have to go anywhere. You can connect with each other using WhatsApp as a platform.

9. Whatsapp User Journey Automation

It is important to keep your audience guided throughout the event. For that, you have to create some twisted and innovative messages for your attendees at every stage of their journey. Furthermore, you can send regular updates, announcements, changes, and more via WhatsApp notifications, indicating to your audience about the event journey and what they can expect and get in upcoming sessions. Hence, you can transform the complete conversations with WhatsApp automation for better connection and user ease.

10. E-commerce

You can enable real-time team collaboration with conversation labels and private notes. Also, you can assign and re-assign chats for better customer service. Hence, you can solve customer queries on time and motivate them to come again and shop at your store. Additionally, you can organize your contacts and chats using smart cards, labels, tags, and private notes to access them with ease.

So, these are the various ways that can be helpful in making your event registration smart with Whatsapp automation. Furthermore, the event registration solutions have several features and functionalities that can help you create a more seamless and immersive experience for your event audience.

Hope, you will find this article beneficial in making your event registration smart with WhatsApp Automation.


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