Everything you Need to Know About Intel 320 Series 2.5-inch Solid State Drives

Intel 320 Series Solid-State Drives offer built-in data protection features, larger capacities, enhanced performance, and more value for money. The Intel 320 ssdsa2cw120g310 is designed with the 25-nanometer compute-quality NAND Flash Memory, which accelerates your PC performance. Also, these SSDs feature the latest industry-leading architecture that has 10 NAND flash channels with multi-level NAND flash memory. 

This post will discuss some of the details regarding the Intel 320 SSD. These devices offer outstanding IOPS and throughput output that remarkably outperform old-school hard drives. Intel is famous for its capability to design high-performance semiconductors, which makes these storage devices ideal providers of flash memory chips. With every passing year, the company’s reputation has been increased for building fast storage devices and memory controllers. 


  • Interface: 3Gbps
  • Available Capacities (GB): 40, 80, 120, 160, 300, 600
  • Flash Type: Intel 25-Nanometer MLC NAND
  • Cache Size: 64MB (120-600GB), 32MB (40, 80GB) 
  • Random 4KB reads: 38,000 IOps (80, 120GB), 30,000 IOps (40GB), 39,000 IOps (160GB)
  • Warranty Length: 3-years
  • Sequential Writes: 90MB/s (80GB), 45MB/s (40GB), 165MB/s (160GB), 130MB/s (120GB), 220MB/s (600GB), 205MB/s (300GB)
  • Sequential Reads: 270MB/s (80-600GB), 200MB/s (40GB)

Features 320 Series Offer

The Intel Series 320 features a unique wear-leveling design and low write amplification for higher reliability, which means that Intel solid-state drives not only perform better but also last longer. Another built-in feature of the series protects your information from internal system snags and external threats. AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) 128-bit encryption abilities provide you peace of mind that your data is secured in the event of loss or theft of your system. 

Two latest data protection features to guard your data from a faulty NAND array or an unusual system power loss. The Intel Solid-State Toolbox offers a robust set of information, management, and diagnostic tools to keep your SSDs performance up to the mark. 

The Intel 320 SSD includes power-loss protection through a series of small capacitors. If the SSD detects power loss, it detaches power and transfers information out of its buffers into the NAND. The rest of the activities are de-prioritized, ensuring that the device does not lose any information when the power cuts out. For enterprise customers, this feature is very appealing. The company claims that its consumer-grade solid-state drives have become popular among business clients compared to the X25-E.


Intel 320 ssdsa2cw120g310 does not focus too much on the performance. The SSD does not have a 6 Gigabytes/sec SATA interface as it uses a controller chip similar to the old X25-M. The company claims that there are quite a lot of computer devices lacking next-generation SATA support, and it has optimized the Series 320 precisely for them. When the drive is plugged into a SATA 3Gbps port, you will get enhanced performance. 

The 320 Series controller can trace its roots back to the innovative X25-M. Intel’s initial drive weight was rated for 250MB per second read and 70MB per second writes. Talking about the storage capacity, you can save up to 600 Gigabytes of data by using the 320 series. 

Power Consumption

Moving your computer’s applications and OS from a typical hard drive to a Solid-State Drive is like saving your hard-earned money on your monthly electricity bill. Though, low power consumption delivered by SSD is vital for the notebook users who need to squeeze run time out of their batteries. We tested the consumption of power under load, and it was probed 60 seconds after we stopped the IOMeter load.

The 320’s power consumption is not the lowest as the drive draws a little less wattage compared to some of its competitors. If you are interested in seeing how solid-state drive’s power consumption is compared to mechanical hard drives, you can read our other blogs and articles. 

Final Words

The Intel 320 SSD Series is definitely for all purposes and intents. The solid-state drive series offers the greatest NAND technology and is tied to a controller design that has been around since the company got into this business. As a computer fan who usually spends most of their time searching for a decent and budget-oriented SSD, this Intel storage device is an ideal choice for you. You do not always require the fastest available device to enjoy superior responsiveness and quick access time.

Above, we have mentioned some of the most important specs, features, and performance details of the Intel 320 series for you. You should buy this SSD if it suits all of your requirements and storage needs. If you want to buy tech, IT, and computer hardware accessories at affordable prices, you can visit our online store Hard Disk Direct. We have a number of latest technology devices which you can buy at the lowest prices. Along with every new or refurbished device, we also offer a 2-year warranty. Visit our website today to get exciting deals.

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