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If you’re an instructor or coach, perhaps someone who is keen to become a boxing trainer or coach. There are many items of boxing training that can train your fighter for the exciting sport of boxing. If you are an instructor or coach seeking out new ideas to help train your fighters and clients

1. Boxing Focus mitts / pads:

Pads for focus are the foundation of every boxing coach and it’s essential to get an appropriate pair in case you’re a coach! Even if you’re training with a friend it is a fantastic tool to assist each other in combination with defense, footwork and footwork.

How can the use of focus pads to box can help?

  • They assist fighters in setting the right punch combinations.
  • It can be used for counter punching
  • It is used for defense and also as for offense
  • Gives your client or fighter an objective to shoot for
  • Don’t offer you a the same stationary goal as a bulky bag

You can also purchase less surface-area punching pads that are sometimes referred to as speed pads. They tend to be better for advanced boxing instructors.

2. Foam/Punch Sticks:

They are often affordable alternatives to purchase and are excellent devices to use during exercises in defense. Your client or fighter can punch them like regular pads which makes them extremely useful.

Because the foam or punch sticks are long, they appear like they’re the opponent’s arm or punch. This helps create scenarios that are more realistic or sparring practice.

Watch this clip on the boxing training Life YouTube Channel below of Teofimo Lopez using these techniques with one of his trainers to get an idea of what they are.

3. Step ladder:

If you’re looking to improve your fighter’s or client’s footwork and agility and footwork, ladder drills can be a fantastic way to build this fast!

Simple exercises like punching in and out or conditioning drills could be performed using this simple and efficient tool.

4. Punch vest:

Another tool trainers and coaches employ is a punch vest. They usually pair the pad with work training, so that their athlete does not have to wait until their hands move to lower body posture.

This allows fighters to swiftly change from combo punches to body shots while wearing punch vests. Watch Ryan Garcia’s trainer who uses this method with him in the video below.

5. Liteboxer Fitness Bundle:

The Liteboxer Fitness Bundle is a fitness and health gadget that encourages boxing and is loved by many because it combines a wonderful combination of light and music. A modern weight loss and fitness solution includes the Liteboxer Fitness Bundle. This bundle will assist you to shed weight and lead an extravagant life.

The Liteboxer fitness bundle offers various products to ensure you stay fit and healthy without needing to visit the gym. A wireless speaker, Bluetooth charger that can be carried around as well as a headset microphone and even music are part of the Liteboxer package.

6. Reaction Lights:

These are definitely a brand new trend. Boxing coaches are beginning to utilize it to aid the fighters’ reaction time including the likes of Lomachenko making use of these lights. Reaction lights are a great alternative because it requires your opponent to respond with speed to the flashing light.

Reflex exercises include:

  • A punch is thrown towards the light that illuminates
  • Quickly tapping a light to see the one that flashes

7. Thai Pads:

Today Thai Pads might be a more suitable option for coaches who also teach muay thai, mma or kickboxing.

The pads are a bit longer and extend over the forearms to allow you to catch punches as well as kicks. It is recommended to have a mixed martial arts instructor.

8. Reaction balls:

It is certainly an enjoyable exercise that is sure to help to increase your ability to react and improve your reflexes.

You can throw the ball on top of you or against a wall. However, you must react to the direction in which the ball bounces due the unique shape of it.

9. Punch Trackers

Punch trackers will not improve your fighter but they can assist you in understanding the speed of your punch, the working rate and which is being dropped.

These are great tools that can be used in conjunction with technical boxing training equipment instruction to determine the amount of effort being put into. Some punch trackers are more effective than others and you should keep this in mind when you plan to purchase these.

10. Chin Down Boxing Training Trainer:

If you are a beginner or who is just beginning You will notice them lifting their chin upwards more often than not.

The chin-down ball will make it easy to keep your chin straight when you’re working with your opponent or client in any boxing training session. You could also use the regular ball instead.

11. Powerstance

Powerstance is an especially effective tool for young amateurs or boxing novices who are just beginning to learn about boxing training.

It’s an extremely useful tool that coaches can apply to their fighters and clients to aid in creating an environment of consistency and proper footwork.

Even professional boxers who are top of the line could benefit from using Powerstance as it will improve their discipline and technique.

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