Five Benefits of Procore Software

If you’ve been on the fence about Procore software, you’ve probably wondered what the benefits are. This article will cover five of the biggest benefits of Procore, including integration with Sage products, unlimited cloud storage, and more.

You’ll also learn how the price compares to some other construction software solutions. Whether or not you choose Procore depends on your needs and budget, but a Procore demo is well worth the time.

Procore Integration With Sage Products

For more information on how to integrate Sage products with Procore, visit the Procore website. This construction management software integrates with Sage products for improved efficiency and cost control. Procore provides construction accounting, project management, and project data synchronization.

It also includes an extensive library of third-party integrations. In the Procore Marketplace, you can explore Sage 300 CRE and Sage 100 Contractor. Other integrations include Microsoft Project, Docusign, Spectrum, Quickbooks, Isqft, and ProEst.

You can try out Procore by scheduling a demonstration. The company’s Implementation Team will provide you with a thorough training session based on the tools you have purchased. The Implementation Team will lay out a plan to help you configure tools and navigate the system.

You can also access training videos, certification resources, and ongoing support. Procore offers training that is easy to understand and navigate, with modules broken into small parts. It feels focused and never overwhelms you with information.

Procore Integration With NetSuite

Once you have configured your NetSuite data connector, you can sync your Procore projects with your NetSuite data. This process syncs all projects in both systems and works seamlessly. In addition, it will sync Vendors from both systems.

If you have a Procore Vendor ID, this field is automatically updated. If you do not have an ID, you can create one in NetSuite using the Procore Sync Projects API call.

Once the Procore integration is completed, you can view your budget. You can edit the budget fields to suit your needs. The solution template will default to the default budget view, and only changes that match the budget view will continue the sync.

This sync process will update the Procore budget with the NetSuite project. This integration allows you to manage your budgets with ease. You can then export the data from your Procore system using NetSuite.

Limitless Cloud Storage

If you’re looking for enterprise-grade project management software, you might want to consider a Procore demo. Limitless cloud storage is an option that allows organizations to manage their projects on a massive scale and collaborate with unlimited users.

The unlimited cloud size also allows unlimited users to store data. It’s easy to see how unlimited cloud storage will be beneficial for your business. But before you sign up for a free trial, consider the following benefits.

Limitless cloud storage is one of the most appealing features of Procore. Many other software options have limited cloud storage and charge for unlimited cloud storage. However, Procore allows you to track individual files and folders.

Any update to any of these files will notify you via email. The tracking feature can be explored in “things you’re tracking.” In addition to unlimited cloud storage, you can even create private folders to store files in private and secure spaces.

Procore Price

While Procore’s free demo is impressive, it is not enough to make you commit to buying the software outright. A demo is an essential part of a product evaluation process, as you can see if the features you’re looking for are included. Procore’s pricing also includes unlimited users, data, documents, and photos, so they are often more affordable than the regular pricing.

Before buying, it’s important to understand the terms and conditions of the trial, which will protect you from being stuck with a plan that doesn’t suit your needs.

While the software is not free, it can be purchased for a nominal fee. This allows you to see if the software fits your business needs and if it is affordable. Procore also offers extensive tutorials and videos.

Users can choose from a variety of reporting templates and customize the report themselves, by simply selecting data points. Users can then drag and drop their selected data points into the report and generate a customized version of it.

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