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You might not know the job description of a mold inspector. He is the one who can inspect each corner of the structure of your house. Thus, hiring a free mold inspector Brooklyn will make this inspection more professional.

Importance of free mold inspector Brooklyn

Whenever you going to procure a house it will be hectic for you to check it. Rather you should take the services of five bro mold specialist. They can offer you the free mold inspector Brooklyn. 

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You can’t check each corner of your house and determine if there is any issue like molds in it. Because you don’t know how the old proprietor of the house has used this. When you call them for the inspection of your house. They will then perform certain tests for molds and moisture.

Sometimes mold presence is identified due to a pungent odor. Still, it is not sure. The more difficult job is when you can’t smell it. But the molds are present and produced in your house. Therefore, a mold inspector would tests and identify its presence.

As you have read above molds are very difficult to detect. However, you can detect their presence by their bad odor. If these are present on the surface then you can identify them. But if these are reproducing in hidden areas then you can’t find out them. The bad odor will make your living miserable in your house. To search for the molds, firstly find any water leakages present in the house.

Most of the time your bathrooms and kitchen areas are where most water leakages occur. It might be due to the damaged taps or drainage pipes. If your house walls are damp or showing traces of water in the cracks, it is sure molds are present there. The dampness provides a suitable environment for molds to live and reproduce there at dream tech news.  

Your health is mostly affected by fungus infection and allergies. For example, you are experiencing breathing problems related to your lungs. Or you are having constant coughing, flu, wheezing. These symptoms make sure your house is full of molds. If you still neglect your health after all these symptoms then it can be fatal.

mold inspector job description

They will come with fully equipped kits which include testing devices. Then, they will search for the molds in the entire house. For example, they will test your house

  • Walls
  • floors
  • cabinets
  • bathrooms
  • garage
  • window frames
  • pipelines

Apart from these areas, they will again visit all areas of the house. Wherever they find moisture or wet surface, they will take samples. Their team has experts who would perform the tests of these samples within a short time.

Techniques of  free mold inspector Brooklyn

The mold inspector and his team use various devices. These devices are not only used for testing but also will collect the samples of affected areas. In addition, they use advanced high-tech tools for identification purposes.

In areas that are out of reach like the dark areas, especially the attic and heating unit area, etc. For these areas, they use flashlights and cameras to collect the images. They will even take samples of the air.

Afterward, they send these samples to their labs where testing is performed. Through lab results, they can identify which type of mold is present, its quantity, and its life span. Once they have obtained the results, they will treat the molds accordingly.

Similarly, the hard molds, require heavy machines to remove them. For the molds which are visible on the surface, they use simpler techniques.

They use the following devices for testing molds

  • moisture level indicator and detector
  • humidity detector
  • thermometer
  • flashlights for dark areas
  • cameras to take thermographic images

Preventive measures against molds

Although the mold inspector and its team will eliminate the molds. Still, you need to be careful as molds require a slight water content and it will reproduce. So you have to prevent water from accumulating in your bathrooms. Also, you should do proper ventilation of your house.

Your house can be ventilated by opening the windows. Similarly, turn on your kitchen exhaust fans. In addition, place a dehumidifier in your house. Using the described techniques will at least prevent the molds from colonizing.


Before treatment, you should prevent mold spread. Whenever you notice any moisture in your house immediately take the services of free mold inspector Brooklyn. They are skilled people who will treat the molds in no time. If you see any water leakages in the house then repair them as the priority.

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