Fun Birthday Ideas For Adults

Many of our loved ones are scattered across the globe, yet we would do anything to be there for them as they celebrate fun Birthday ideas life’s most momentous occasions. I’ve put together a list of creative and enjoyable ways to celebrate a 31st Birthday Ideas from afar.

Everyone writes “happy birthday” on each other’s Facebook walls or goes the extra mile and texts them. Despite their sweetness, these actions might feel rather impersonal.

Snail mail is a big deal here at The Confetti Post. In this age of digital technology, it just seems more individual. Via light of this, many of the suggestions for celebrating a distant birthday involve sending a present in the mail. Is there anything better than receiving a fun Birthday ideas surprise in the mail?

Here is a list of some of the best birthday presents to send someone far away. From the most basic to the most complex, we cover it all, including do-it-yourself methods as well as professional services.


1. ship a boxed birthday celebration.

The Confetti Post’s Teeny fun Birthday ideas in a Box Gift Package has everything you need to have a memorable celebration from afar.

To celebrate a long-distance friend’s birthday, you may be looking for a simple method to express your joy. Either put together your own “party in a box” or have a mail-order firm like The Confetti Post do it for you. We are experts in facilitating the celebration of others.

Included in our Teeny Happiest Birthday box along with a personalised letter from you is a card, balloon, confetti, delicious treat, and a personalised message! The best part is that the majority of the effort has already been put in.

If you want to truly indulge the party person, we offer a tonne of alternative possibilities for long-distance birthday presents or gifts for any occasion at all.


You can’t be together physically, but thanks to this cool new software called Rabbit, you can watch together virtually. People are able to talk about their time on the internet with this app.

It’s a must to have popcorn ready. As well as some sweets. After all, it is your birthday today.


Funfetti Cake in a Jar: A Long-Distance Relationship’s Answer to Birthday Celebration Stress | Jars by Dani

And while we’re on the subject of sweets, I think we can all agree that birthdays should be celebrated with cake.

You may do it yourself, or you can hire Jars by Dani to do it for you. Cakes in a jar come in a wide variety of delicious flavours.

I’m dying to try that Strawberry Shortcake flavor.


Do a birthday song recording of yourself singing to yourself. Send it in confidence, or make a public announcement of your far-flung birthday greetings on social media like Facebook or YouTube.

The fact that we have been so enamoured with VidHug is even better news. Of a few clicks, you may compose a video montage with clips from friends and family members all across the world to share with a far-flung pal on their big day.

(No, I’m not in tears. (You’ve obviously been through a lot and are now sobbing.)

Just send this adorable video instead.


Happy Birthday! Here Are 16 Ways to Celebrate Distant Birthdays Without Leaving the House!

To throw a party with people who aren’t in the same physical area, use a video calling service like Skype or FaceTime.

Send everyone who is in on the birthday surprise some balloons, a party horn, and a treat to make the day even more special.

Perhaps you could use party invitations similar to those seen on Oh Happy Day. Be sure to remember the celebrant of the day. Write a letter telling them not to open it until you give the go-ahead.


None of the usual electronic communication methods, such as texting or emailing, or social media messaging.

A simple phone call may signify a lot.

This isn’t the most original of birthday wishes you could send over the miles, but it just could surprise your special someone!

Your cell phone probably has that number stashed away somewhere.

7. Send pictures!

Retro picture viewer & bday gifts for a long distance relationship

Of course, you can always take the traditional method and tuck some enjoyable recollections into an envelope. It’s a reliable option for mailing birthday presents.

On the other hand, you could turn up the sentiment with this old-school photo viewer loop. The reel is blank for your own pictures to be placed in. There is no more adorable method, in my opinion, to keep precious photo memories alive.


Find a great new place to celebrate the birthday person’s special day with Yelp. One may purchase gift cards online and have them emailed to the receiver at almost any restaurant.

One of the simplest yet very heartfelt ways to celebrate a fun Birthday ideas from afar.


Here are 16 creative ways to celebrate a birthday from afar: send matching snail mail; play a birthday post card puzzle

Send some good old-fashioned snail letter to your friends and family by coordinating with them.

Oh Happy Day had everyone send a piece of a puzzle to the birthday person, and I think that is such a kind gesture. Each person contributed an individual letter on a postcard, and the pictures on opposite sides fit together like pieces of a jigsaw.

The most adorable birthday present ever sent long way!

10. Send them on an online shopping spree,

Samesurf is a website I’m sure you’ve heard of. It allows you to share your online browsing experience with someone in another location. Together, let’s go window shopping for some merriment.

You should buy them a cool present, so they can enjoy themselves.

The Uncommon Goods store is a good place to begin looking. There are plenty of interesting things to talk about even if you don’t buy anything.

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