Hottest Braids To Recreate This Season

Braids are fashionable protective hairstyles that always look sassy and on point. If you are also thinking of bombarding your Instagram with highly fashionable looks, you need to know about these interesting hair braiding styles. You can pull off these looks with your real hair (if you are blessed with long and voluminous hair). And even if you are not, don’t worry! With the help of Virgin Remy hair bundles, you can try the interesting braided hairstyles listed below.

1. Middle Partition Tribal Braids

Ghana braid styles for a chic look

Middle part tribal braids look very mysterious yet gorgeous. This laid back mysterious look is very wild and sassy. You have to use the hair bundles on your real hair and then create tiny rough uneven braids with the middle partition.

Now to elevate the look you can put glitter in the middle to have that true-model-like vibe.

2. Ghana Braids

Blue ombre hair color with braids

Ghana braids do look like cornrows only but appear thicker because of virgin Remy hair bundles installed along with the braids. The braid starts with a thinner look and then as the length proceeds braids start appearing fuller and thicker.

You need to use virgin Remy hair bundles or extensions to achieve this look in its best beauty.

3. Box Braids

Captivating box braid patterns

Always timeless yet popular in black women, the box braids are a braided protective hairstyle that is made by dividing your whole scalp into small, big, or medium boxes of your preference. 

Then with the help of virgin Remy hair braiding bundles, you do the braids. They are unisex and look swaggy plus elegant at the same time.

4. Twist Braids with cornrows

Cornrow braids with a twist 

Twist braids are also known as slope rope braids where two thick hair strands are twisted together to form the braids. In this an elevated fashion twist is made, in which the twist braids are firstly made with cornrows with your real hair. Then, with the help of virgin Remy hair braiding bundles, you can start making twisted rope braids. It looks very chunky, heavy, and super gorge.

5. Passion twists

Fuller look in twist styles

The passion twist is the kind of braid that looks like a texture from some distance but when you have a closer look, you will see the neatly done twists. These twists are created by making twists on the strands of hair.

As it is very difficult to pull out the heavy volume with the twist braids, using Remy hair bundles will help to create this bohemian fresh braided look.

6. Lemonade braids

Stunning braid ideas to try

Whatever Beyonce does becomes fashionable automatically. The braids were done by Beyonce. This style made it to the list because of its neat and fine look. These thinly braided cornrows are majorly directed towards one side of the head.

You can experiment with them in terms of colors to play more with your hair look.

7. Triangle part braids

Long triangle box braid styles

Triangle part braids are another fun take on box braid hairstyles. Your hair is divided into tiny triangles with symmetry all over the scalp. Now once the hair is divided, start braids with weave to flaunt this style.

This is a very sporty look to carry and keeps your protective hairstyle in the best shape for the longest.

9. Box braids with a top knot

Chic  top bun with braids

The hairstyle is made by dividing your whole scalp into small, big, or medium boxes of your preference. Then with the help of virgin Remy hair braiding bundles, you do the braids.

They are very versatile. You can keep them open or you can put some portion of your braids in a twisted bun.

This half up and down look will appear very interesting and fashionable.

9. Bob Twist Braids

Bob style with a twist

Known by alternate name slope rope braids have two thick hair strands that are twisted together to form the braids. To put more twist on these twisted braids, you can put them in a shorter length. It will also go well with your professional setups.

10. Twist Out Mohawks

Voluminous Mohawk with braids

The twist out mohawk is the punk take on the cornrows. You can have the regular twists braids or flat braids and now add virgin Remy human hair bundles to your braids. Start braiding and now leave them open at the tips. Scrunch them at the bottom. This will look super fashionable. To give a more punk edge to this hairstyle, try to make these braids one-sided.


Who knew back in the day that the hair braids will be so fashionable and still manage to protect your hair for the best texture. But thanks to the virgin Remy hair bundles, virgin human hair and braiding extensions that made this possible to be limitless in terms of styling with good volume and length.

If you also got excited to try one of the braiding hairstyles mentioned above, check the hair bundles from True Glory Hair. They are made from real Brazilian human hair which is easy to maintain and style. So, go and check it out!

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