How managed VPS hosting is beneficial in Server Management

Managed VPS hosting is beneficial in Server Management

managed VPS hosting -When handling your business online, there are numerous web hosting services. Companies should ideally begin with a Shared Hosting solution—an affordable and convenient hosting solution. However, as websites’ traffic grows, they outgrow their Shared Hosting needs.

And it seeks a more robust and dependable web hosting solution. VPS Server Hosting offers maximum dependability, flexibility, and the freedom to use and customize your VPS Server as you see fit.

However, not every business owner is well-versed in server-level skills and knowledge, particularly at the beginning of their hosting journey. What is the solution? Managed VPS hosting in Iran.

Managed VPS Hosting enables you to host your website on a dependable VPS Server without having to manage or maintain it yourself.

This blog discusses a few factors that make Managed VPS Hosting worthwhile. Therefore, why you should choose it for your company.

What exactly is Managed VPS Hosting?

Managed VPS Hosting is a hosting service in which your web host handles server-related tasks such as server maintenance, administration, and management.

It provides:

  • Software and application installation.
  • Complete server management upgrades.
  • Security auditing and patching. 
  • 24×7 advanced support.
  • Other services

As a result, as a business owner, you can reap the full benefits of full root access while not worrying about server upkeep or website uptime because the hosting company handles it efficiently.

What makes Managed VPS Hosting worth the extra money?

Managed VPS Hosting is more expensive than self-managed VPS Hosting but provides the best value for money.

Let’s look at the factors supporting this statistic and making Managed VPS Server Hosting worthwhile in server management.

High availability

Any business’s success is ensuring maximum server uptime and website availability. Conversely, downtime causes customer dissatisfaction, revenue and sales loss, and poor SEO performance.

It is essential to remember that with Managed VPS Hosting, your web hosting provider monitors your VPS Server for bugs or vulnerabilities that could cause downtime.

As a result, whenever they detect a threat or vulnerability, they remove it immediately and ensure your server remains in operation with maximum accessibility.

Increased speed and performance

VPS Server Hosting provides your website with more CPU cores, RAM, bandwidth, and disc space than shared hosting. As a result, the more resources available, the better and faster the performance.

Furthermore, your hosting provider’s professionals are responsible for optimizing your server resources to make the best use of its hardware and scaling the necessary resources to accommodate growing traffic.

Because with Managed VPS Hosting, your hosting company is doing this and guarantees optimum performance on your behalf—you save a lot of time, money, and effort.

High-level security

With Iranian VPS Hosting, security is not an issue because the hosting company takes all appropriate precautions and ensures compliance obligations to keep your website safe and protected against potential threats.

The hosting provider handles constant updates, safety patching, auditing, firewall installation, and other tasks to ensure maximum security.

Furthermore, you avoid the security risks associated with other vulnerable websites on the server because you get a dedicated IP address and your VPS Hosting Server.

Dedicated customer service

If you choose VPS Hosting in Iran, your web hosting provider will provide you with committed 24/7 customer support to aid with hardware and network-related issues.

It provides you with a Hosting Server that has already been optimized for maximum performance and security. Even though you have full root access to the server and can install software and applications, you have the option to get in touch with your hosting provider if you get stuck or need help.

This level of dedicated and responsive support, as well as other dependable services, helps make VPS server hosting worthwhile. Check out Iran VPS for remarkable customer service.


Your hosting company handles everything, including server setup, security, and maintenance. This eliminates hiring expensive external professionals or experts to handle and administrate your VPS Hosting Server.

Even though Managed VPS Hosting may appear expensive initially, considering the long-term benefits, it provides the most value for money. In addition, it ensures optimum and 24/7 server consistency for extended periods.

How do you choose a VPS Hosting Provider?

You should consider performance, support, and ease of use. And also a few other factors when selecting a Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting provider. Paying enough attention to this may make web administration much more accessible.

The number of Internet users has more than doubled in the past decade. Consequently, it has become increasingly crucial for websites to provide superior performance and reliability to serve them. This is precisely where your web hosting provider comes in.

For fully managed VPS hosting in Iran, Navicosoft should be the first choice without any doubt!


If you have a growing website and want to invest in a Hosting Server that provides guaranteed resources and more control and security, VPS Hosting is the way to go.

However, if you lack an advantage in technological expertise, server expert knowledge, or an in-house expert team, a Fully managed VPS is a wise choice.

It provides the highest reliability, performance, uptime, security, and complete management and server maintenance, allowing you to focus all your time and effort on growing your business. Furthermore, all of these services are reasonably priced.

Navicosoft ensures your website’s maximum performance and page loading speed. So, if you’re looking for a suitable Managed VPS Hosting plan for your company, take a look at our plans to get full root access, complete server management, and more dependable services for your website.

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