How to Buy a NAS Server? A Purchase Guide

As your IT business develops and grows, the amount of information and data it needs to store also increases. To save that, you require an NX3200 – Dell PowerVault NAS Server, as you cannot just save that crucial information on any random hard drive. Saving data on individual workstations and moveable hard drives will no longer cut it as your entire team requires ready data access, capacity for future growth, and protection from loss. The best way to equip your business with a NAS (Network Attached Storage).

Maybe you have already purchased a NAS server or bought one that has already been damaged or malfunctioned. No matter where you are initiating, the number of options and specifications that NAS devices offer these days are awesome, specifically when you are trying to purchase something that can help you out now and then. 

Having a proper storage space or device is the necessity of any computer-driven workspace. Your hard drive can hold data safely and is available whenever required. Though, this kind of storage gadget is generally unreliable and insufficient when you own a business with increasing requirements. For example, you can have people demanding to share centralized and sensitive data. In that scenario, you can handle your business in a better way by having a NAS. 

What is NAS?

rs3617rpxs – Synology RackStation NAS is a kind of file storage device attached to a computer network, which contains a number of drives made to hold system images, databases, and backup files. The saved data is available to several users, who can access it simultaneously. These devices have improved a lot over some years. Now, it is easy for remote users to save and simply access centralized media files and software.

Types of NAS

The types of NAS gadgets fall into three categories

  • Enterprise Storage
  • Small-Medium Business
  • Consumer Level

The prices also vary depending on the features, such as the number of bays, storage capacity, and a list of other features like cloud storage and connectivity. 

  1. Enterprise Network Attached Storage

Enterprise storage devices allow enterprises to expand across several geographical areas. In this scenario, branch locations can access info at headquarters. Several modern devices enable the latest compression and encryption, making them perfect for running huge data operations. Also, rack mounting is one of their important physical traits.

  • Small-Medium Business

Small business Network Attached Storage choices is a bit more complicated than consumer-level devices. Its setup usually consists of a number of computer users, an internet connection, and a shared printer. Although documents can be shared easily, there is no clear access and storage system. Dell PowerVault NX3200 NAS Server creates a centralized storage point for data. 

  • Consumer Network Attached Storage

Consumer Network Attached Storage is used to share files privately or professionally with family and friends. As an example, for private users, a NAS produces a personalized media server. Also, they can be used to synchronize and backup files or can even edit pictures remotely. Moreover, it creates a private network among users and the print shop, which makes editing photos easier. 

How to Purchase NAS?

This post will guide you regarding your purchase decision of NAS and how you can choose from different vendors or a single company’s product lineup. This post will help you to develop a tick list for the features and sizing of a system to fulfill all of your requirements. 

  1. Storage Capacity 

One of the ways to differentiate among different NAS systems is the total no. of drive bays available in a given system because it determines the number of disks it can hold. Normally speaking, by having a huge number of drive bays, you can have flexibility.

Talking about a NAS system, the storage is defined by how many drives you have, their stripping scheme, and the shared volume they create. For example, a single drive gives no extra protection or performance. On the other hand, two drives allow the feature of simple mirroring, which is also referred to as RAID 1. Two drives also allow for striping—when one volume is “strained” across two drives.

  • Performance

It is not essential to have big onboard controllers and processors. Smaller embedded chips in the Synology Rack Station rs3617rpxs system provide basic functionality. Larger systems stored in IT data center racks provide several storage controllers that can provide the quickest performance and failover capability.

  • Memory: Enhances the speed of files and applications serving performance
  • Controller: Organizes the storage volume health and presentation 
  • Processor: Provides power for the system applications, services, and operation
  • Network and Connections

A standard NAS will have an Ethernet connection, which you will find listed as 1GigE. This means that the NAS storage devices must fit the service to all the users. Several systems provide expansion slots inside, letting you buy a 10GigE network card to upgrade your NAS.

  •  Speed

Several higher-end NAS systems are able to complement the standard 5.25-inch hard drives with smaller form factor M.2 drives or SSDs. These fast, smaller drives can enhance the NAS performance by caching files in the most frequently requested files. Consequently, a Network Attached Storage can deliver top-performance and huge capacity by combining these drives.

Final Words

NAS systems have become a necessity these days if you own a business and want to keep your data safe. sells NAS devices and several other computers and IT accessories at discounted prices. If you want to buy any type of IT or tech-related Accessories or gadgets, you can visit our online store. We are available to answer all of your queries. 

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