How to draw a furry head

How to draw a furry head. The fur community is a popular community around the world. Fans of practice can design and live an animal character, and characters from classic cartoons often inspire these personalities.

For fans of this society, it can be fun to design one of these characters, and a good first step is to learn to draw a fur head.

Fortunately, this manual will guide you on how you can learn to do exactly that!

This step-by-step manual on how to draw a fur head will allow you to design your fur character!

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Drawing Furry head

Step 1:

For this rather step in our direction on how to draw a fur head, we will start with the eyes, the ears, and the top of the head.

For the eyes, you can start with ovals that have black dots inside. Then you can use rounded lines for the eye area.

Once you have your eyes to look as they do in our reference image, you can start on top of the head.

Some rounded lines will be used to create the ears. Finally, you can use clearer lines to create the hair between the two ears for this step.

Step 2:

Now we will add more details for the ears and hair for this stage of your fur drawing!

First, you can start with curved lines inside the ears for more interior details.

Once you have done this, you can add sharper and sharp lines to finish the hair tuft that is between the ears of the head.

Step 3:

Your photo is starting to take shape now! To keep this momentum for this guide on drawing a fur head, we will work on the head of the head for this part.

You will use a curved line for the head chin to do this. On the other hand, you will use clearer lines for the sides of the head.

It will give the furler alongside the head, like how you drew the hair earlier.

Step 4:

In this stage of your fur design, we will add some details and elements to the face.

First, you can use a round, triangular form for the nose. Then the muzzle will be related to that in two regions.

Finally, a rounded line will go under this muzzle for the mouth. Ultimately, for this step, you can sketch an eyebrow on the eye to the right. It will help give this face even more expressiveness!

Step 5:

How to draw a furry head

You are almost ready to start adding incredible colors in this guide on how to draw a fur head!

Before that, however, we have only a few last details to add. You can also add your details in this step if you wish!

First, you can add a row of pointed teeth in the mouth, as indicated in the contact image. Then you can use a spherical line for the tongue after these teeth.

The rest of the details will give the head an even current appearance.

You can make this effect by adding more curved and clear lines on the whole head and ears.

You can follow how we did in the guide, but you can also change it a little if you wish!

Once you have finished these details, you are ready to go to the following steps! Before doing it, you can first add your details and items.

Step 6:

How to draw a furry head

We have reached the last step in your furry hair drawing, and now you can take control and have fun bringing incredible colors to your drawing!

In our reference image, we use gray, brown, pink, and some other colors to color it. However, it’s just a way to do this, and you should use all the colors you love!

Skin characters can come in all different color types and designs, which offers a lot of freedom about how you can color it.

Once you know which colors you want, there is also the question of choosing art media you will use to give them life! We can barely wait to see what you choose to finish your drawing.

4 Other ways to make your drawing with unique skins

Finish this hairy sketch with these 4 fun and easy tips!

Regarding fur subculture, creating your character is a great look. For this reason, you can customize this drawing of a hair head to better adapt to your personality and tastes.

These changes can be subtle and may even be limited to color. Or you can change a wider look and even modify your facial expression.

What aspects would you like to customize to make it your ideal hair head?

Continuing with the previous tip, you can also go even further and project a completely new animal hair head. It will be an excellent starting point if you have a favorite animal.

You can create a page full of different hair head species for pleasure. It would be a great way to try all the different fur characters you can think of!

What animals could you use to project new head heads?

After installing the drawing of your hair design, you can make an additional effort and draw the rest of the body.

If you were doing this, you would not only be able to complete the drawing but also create fun poses. The body doesn’t have to be super detailed, and you can use a simple cartoon style if you are not so used to drawing bodies.

If you add your body to your outline to the hair or not, it would be fun to draw a background. It can be done in different ways!

We would be to draw a real place in the background. It can be an agreement or perhaps just a simple home.

Or you can fill the background with colors and shapes for a vibratory and captivating background. What are the fundamental ideas that, in your opinion, best fit this brilliant drawing you created?

Your furry head drawing is complete!

With these more recent details added and the filled colors, you came to the end of this guide on drawing a hair head!

We hope this guide has done the task you planned to create this drawing. We also hope it was even more fun than expected!

Now that you have finished this guide, you have many ways to go further in this drawing! You can get what you have learned from this guide to change the details and create a unique character.


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