How To Draw A Hawaiian Flower

How To Draw A Hawaiian Flower. Hawaii is a site of great natural beauty. You can expect to see volcanic landscapes, lush jungles, and sparkling beaches in this incredible state, and it’s also well known for its amazing plant and animal life on display. The Hawaiian flower is one of Hawaii’s most iconic symbols, and learning to draw a Hawaiian flower is a great way to replicate a little part of Hawaii.

With this step-by-step guide on how to draw a Hawaiian flower in just 6 easy steps, you can bring a little piece of Hawaii into your life and have lots of fun! You can draw many more characters like drawing of goku, Anubis drawing, cat drawing, cobra drawing, blueberry drawing, coconut drawing and many more drawing for kids.

Step 1:

For this first step in our guide to drawing a Hawaiian flower, we’ll start with a single flower petal. These petals will have a lot of detail and consist of a rounded shape with a narrower tip. This limited part will be where the petal attaches to the center of the flower. Finally, you may have rounded lines all over the petal to give more texture detail. Once you’ve rendered the petal as it appears in the reference image, you’re ready to move on to the next step!

Step 2:

Now that you’ve created a petal for your Hawaiian flower drawing, you should have no trouble drawing a few more! These will be similar to the one above, but the sizes will differ. The one among the others will stand the smallest, and the contact image will guide you to the place and size of these petals.

Finished Drawing!

Step 3:

We will add two items in this step of our guide on how to draw a Hawaiian flower. First, we’ll count another petal around the top of the bud. Next, we’ll add a long, thin column starting from the center of the flower. This column is called the style; you can draw it using thin, curved lines from the center. This will end with a bulbous section drawn with a few small round lines. That’s all there is to this stage, so alloy’s go!

Step 4:

This fourth step of your Hawaiian flower drawing will see you add the last petal in the image. This last petal will fill the last space left between the others, as shown in our reference image. Then, once we have all the petals, we will draw the first leaf. You can use curved lines with sharp points for the edges of the leaf and then add veins to it to finish it.

Step 5:

Using what you learned in the previous step of this guide to drawing a Hawaiian flower, you can draw another leaf for the plant. This leaf will have a similar structure but on the other side of the flower, almost like a mirror. Once you’ve drawn this sheet, we’ll have some final details to add in the next step!

Step 6:

It’s time to finish the details before adding some amazing colors to your Hawaiian flower design. The main thing we will add will be a last leaf for the flower. Yet, this sheet will be quite distinct from the others. Instead of one large solid sheet, this one will have several sections along the edge that you can draw with straight and curved lines. If that needs to be clarified, the reference image will show you what it should look like.

So your drawing is done, and you’re ready to go! Before moving on to the final step, you can add some details to finish. You can use many ideas to incorporate the flower into the background or draw more flowers. You can draw more Hawaiian flowers, take what you have learned, or draw some of your favorite flowers. How are you going to finish this drawing before the final step?

Step 7:

You did a great job on this guide on how to draw a Hawaiian flower, and now you can finish it with amazing colors! In our reference image, we used reds and greens for the flower, but that’s just one option you can choose from. These amazing blooms can come in many colors and shades, giving you plenty of options to add some color to them.

Choosing colors is only part of the fun, as you can experiment with different artistic mediums. Watercolor paints can be ideal for this drawing, giving the image a soft look. Any medium you use will look amazing, but be sure to use all the art tools you like to finish it!

Finished Drawing!


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