How to Draw a Tweety Bird

How to Draw a Tweety Bird. Looney Tunes cartoons have given us some of the most memorable and emblematic cartoon cartoons.

One of these characters is the lovely Tweety bird, a small canary that the unfortunate cat Sylvester is constantly trying to catch.

Behind his face and adorable voice, Tweety Bird proved quite shrewd, constantly on his head, and frustrating the unfortunate Sylvester.

His contrast of kindness and violence made him a popular character, and it can be a lot of fun to learn how to draw a tweety bird to show him appreciation! If you also like this small canary design, complete for an amazing guide!

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Drawing Tweety bird

Step 1:

The first thing we’ll probably notice on Tweety Bird is his head, which is much larger than his body.

We will start with the outline of his head to the first step of our guide on how to draw a Tweety Bird. First, you can use a large round line to the top of his head. It is so large and round that it is almost a little in the shape of a lamp.

Then we will draw your cheeks cut under that head. To do this, we will use two much smaller curved lines at the base of your head.

There will be a small space between these two lines because this is where your head will connect to the body.

Step 2:

Now that you have the outline of his head, you’re ready to draw facial details for the tweety Bird design at this stage. First of all, we will start with your little beak.

This will be designed with two pointed shapes connected and will be inclined to give the impression that he smiles.

You can also draw a curved line on the right side of his mouth for more kindness!

Finally, we will draw round long shapes for your eyes with great students.

You can finish drawing three eyelashes curved to the eye and add three more curved lines to the top of the head to get the hair.

Step 3:

Tweety’s body is disproportionately small compared to the head, but it only helps you to be even cuter! Let’s start drawing your body at this stage of our guide on how to draw a bird tweety.

First, draw two small curved lines from the bottom of the head to the short neck. Then draw a curved line that connected to the shoulder, then another on the other side to the chest.

Finally, add another rounded line to your back, so you can add your story using more curved lines that culminate in a pointed point.

Step 4:

We have tweety in a very cute pose in this guide, and part of what makes it so cute is the way he has his hands attached to him.

This is what we will draw for this step of your tweety Bird design. To do this, we will use curved lines that extend near the place where you hit the collision by the shoulder.

Then we will draw her fingers where her hands are stuck. This part can be a little more delicate than you can expect; So don’t be afraid to copy the reference image closely as you draw!

We will end with two small swellings in her body base, where your legs will extend to the next stage.

Step 5:

How to Draw a Tweety Bird

Now it’s time to finish the drawing to prepare for the last step of this guide on how to draw a tweety bird. Just as your head is very high compared to the body, your feet are too.

However, they simply have a form, so they must be easy to draw! Just draw some short legs and then use large, rounded forms to your feet with two fingers.

After outlining, you will be ready for step 6! Before moving on, you can also add your details.

You can draw a background parameter for tweety, or you may even draw Sylvester that hides in the background.

These are just some ideas you can choose, but what can you think to finish this drawing?

Step 6:

How to Draw a Tweety Bird

This last step in your tweety bird drawing will see that you will end with some colors. In our reference image, we went with the classic colors of this character.

This means using very bright yellows for the head and body with orange for the legs and the beak. Finally, we used a very clear blue for her eyes.

If you want to use these same colors, you can use media such as acrylic paints and colorful markers to look light on your cartoon appearance.

More moderate media would also be great, so what approach will you adopt?

5 tips for making your drawing for the tweety bird even better!

Make your tweety Bird representation even better with these 5 tips!

For this tweety Bird design, we went with a really simple classic representation. In cartoons, Tweety Bird will sometimes be dressed in various clothes and disguises.

It can be fun to represent some in this image! If you have a favorite outfit that Tweety Bird used earlier, why not try to adapt it to this image you created?

We love the installation used for this image, but after mastering it, it is appropriate to represent another. If you want to do this, you can use caricatures or online photos to help you.

What types of poses would you like to show a tweety bird to make this image even more personalized?

This famous canary is one of the many emblematic characters in the Looney Tunes series. You can make the tweety Bird draw even colder by adding other characters!

The obvious choice would be the unfortunate Sylvester cat who always tries unsuccessfully to get the tweety bird. This is a possibility, but there are many more characters you can choose from.

Do you have a favorite who would like to add to this photo?

The addition of background would be another way to finish this work of art. If you had to do this, you can use one of the cartoon backgrounds as inspiration.

Or you may want to take the tweety Bird on a new adventure, projecting a new scenario in which it is. There are so many cool horizons that you can create!

Finally, the way you have your tweety bird sketch can make a big difference! For example, you can draw it on sophisticated cardboard to use as a poster or birthday card.

Another excellent idea would be to put your drawing into a small environment that would turn you into an excellent gift or a display for your room!

Your tweety bird drawing is complete!

You finished this guide on how to draw tweety birds and have an amazing representation of this classic character to show it! Tweety has little details in its drawing of what we think, which can make it surprisingly difficult to draw.

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