How to Find a Compatible Desktop Memory

Computer memory or RAM module is any physical device capable of saving info or data temporarily or permanently. It is a place for holding the instructions and data your system requires. It is where information is stored for immediate use. It is one of the basic and essential hardware components, as, without it, a computer would not be able to function properly. 

These days, there are two types of computer memory; primary and secondary. It is an acronym specifically used for RAM (Random Access Memory). It is located on the microchips and placed closer to a computer’s microprocessor. It was a very important invention as your computer did not have to only use a secondary storage device after that. 

So, the question is how to pick a compatible ct2k16g4sfd8266 – Crucial 32GB Kit RAM Module for your computer. When it comes to upgrading your RAM is one of the most affordable and easiest ways to enhance the performance of your computer. But one should check the compatibility between the RAM, motherboard, and Memory before making any purchase decision. This guide will show you how to get a compatible memory for your computer. The kind of memory module you buy must match and support your computer’s motherboard. 

You are required to consider several factors: kvr667d2n5/2g – Kingston 2GB RAM will be compatible with your Asus DDR3 p7h55mpro Motherboard. Among the readers, some will figure out this on their own while having to struggle a bit. Following are the basic and most vital characteristics of memory RAM when considering its compatibility with your system. 

  • Speed: The speed is measured in MHz, and a memory module with a quicker clock speed will enhance and speed up several features on your PC. The module is usually backward suited as it works on your motherboard only if it is faster than the motherboard. 
  • Form Factor: Laptop motherboards use SO-DIMM (small outline dual in-line memory module) while desktop motherboards use DIMM (dual in-line module) RAM. Compared to SO-DIMMs, the DIMMs are longer and take up more space.
  • Storage Capacity: It is one of the essential factors to consider when buying your Memory. Additional storage capacity will let you multitask among several apps and run resource-intensive games and applications. Some of them place limits on how much memory capacity they support.
  • DDR generation: DDR4, DDR2, DDR, and DDR3 are all different kinds of memory modules that cannot be interchanged. If you are using an older generation motherboard, you will require DDR3 RAM. While if you are building a new PC, you will need a DDR4 RAM. 
  • Internal Clearance:  Crucial 32GB Kit ct2k16g4sfd8266 RAM Module with large heat sinks can come in the way of other components, specifically the processor cooler. You should consider the size of your CPU cooler and the height of your memory modules.

Whether you are building a brand-new system or upgrading to a new one, all of these factors are essential in both situations. Though, there is a much simpler way to find out if the RAM module is compatible with your computer or not.  

How much Memory do you need?

We consider an 8GB memory as the minimum amount of RAM one should use in their computer. It is simple to find mainstream and affordable Windows 10 desktops and laptops having 8GB of DRAM. This much Memory will just work fine for everyday tasks, multitasking, and light gaming. But for an experienced user, it is not the best starting point.

The easiest way to see how much Memory you have is to open a folder in Windows 10, find the PC icon, and go to Properties. It will show you how much RAM your system currently has. For heavy tasks, you can equip your computer with 12 or 16 GB RAM, which will be compatible with the p7h55mpro – Asus DDR3 Motherboard.

Memory Frequency

Usually, a higher data rate has a greater impact on performance. Memory kits, including Kingston 2GB kvr667d2n5/2g RAM, can outperform poorly timed kits. Talking about the frequency, it is usually considered that a memory module with a higher frequency is better, while it’s not the case all the time. Frequency is the number of times anything happens over a period of time. Enhancing the frequency of a data transfer can increase the bandwidth of a transfer, but the delay among packets pushes the bandwidth in the opposite direction. 

Final Words 

Choosing a compatible RAM is very important as your computer’s overall performance is strongly based on it. Before going to make any purchase decision, always check the compatibility between your Asus DDR3 p7h55mpro Motherboard and the RAM module you are buying. has a number of IT and computer hardware accessories listed in its online store. If you are looking to buy any device related to tech and IT, visit our online platform to get the best deals. 

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