How to Fix Duplicate Photos Issues on Windows PC

Images are excellent for keeping memories alive. They are the ultimate time capsules that can arouse memories and emotions that have been lost to the passage of time. 

When we take pictures, we don’t always get the ideal shot. Most of the time, we take hundreds of incomplete photos before we finally get the ideal shot, filling up all of our storage space. 

However, they quickly mount up and occupy storage on our gadgets. The numerous duplicate photos on our devices are mostly to blame for this unaccounted-for buildup. They are created by our carelessness and persist on our devices because of our ignorance.

Duplicate photos might significantly reduce your system’s storage capacity. Consequently, it’s crucial to understand how to eliminate duplicate photos on your Windows PC.

Identical images are sneaky. They could appear for a number of causes and quickly lead to storage problems on your computer. It’s crucial to understand how they settle inside your device so you can stop this problem from happening again. 

File-sharing, numerous downloads of the same file, multiple backups of the same file, and downloading duplicate files while downloading images from the internet are a few possible causes.

Hence, having duplicate photos or files is really troublesome for your PC system. So, let us discuss some ways through which you can reduce the number of duplicate files on your computer.

Tips to Avoid Accumulation of Duplicates

Although it is simple to delete duplicate photos, the procedure might be time-consuming. Keep the following advice in mind as you use your computer to prevent duplicates from building up if you don’t want to sit down and deal with the bother of deleting them.

  • It’s possible that the images in a folder with long titles, low resolution, and small size on your PC are duplicates. When you find these files, remove them.
  • In Windows, duplicate photographs have distinct names. They have a bracketed extra number at the end. For instance, if the original filename is Xyz.jpg, the duplicate will have the name Xyz (1).jpg. Find these files, then remove them.
  • By classifying data into distinct directories and routinely eliminating unnecessary files, you can keep your PC clutter-free.
  • Verify that you didn’t transfer the identical file from one device to another more than once.
  • When you try to upload the same file more than once, cloud services will alert you and identify the duplicate photos.

Keep all these useful tips in mind if you do not wish to hassle yourself through the cluttering process. If by any chance you have accumulated tons of duplicates in your system, we will show you how to declutter your system and remove all such duplicates from your PC and fix duplicate photo issues.

Ways to Remove the Duplicates 

It’s time to learn how to solve the issue now that you are aware of it. You won’t need to scratch your head or squander a tonne of time looking up answers on YouTube, which is a good thing. 

We have selected the top techniques for locating duplicate images in the Windows system. Let us see what they are below.

Using In-build Features

Your device itself contains one of the simplest methods to erase duplicate photos from a Windows PC. Yes, the Windows pictures application. 

The software has a tonne of functions, including the ability to eliminate duplicate files. With only these easy actions, let’s learn how to remove duplicate photos on a Windows PC.

  1. Open the in-build photos app from Microsoft on your PC.
  2. Now search and open any folder from which you want to remove duplicates.
  3. Scroll down through the list of photographs and locate a duplicate one.
  4. Once you locate and select it, delete and move it to the trash bin.
  5. If there is more than one, select all together by continuously pressing Ctrl and selecting each duplicate.
  6. Now delete and move them to the trash as well.
  7. Empty your recycle bin to remove all duplicates permanently. 

Using Third-party Softwares

When there are fewer duplicate photographs, using the In-built Photos app to get rid of them performs like a treat. It’s impossible to manually delete duplicate photographs from the Photos app if you have a lot of them on your system. 

This is where an all-in-one piece of third-party software that makes the process quick and simple is necessary. There are plenty of such duplicate finders and deleting photo applications available. We have listed some of the top photo cleaning software that might help you in the easy decluttering process.

  • Quick Photo Finder
  • Glary Duplicate File Finder
  • DupeGuru
  • Awesome Duplicate Photo Finder
  • AntiTwin
  • Visual Similarity Duplicate Image Finder
  • SearchMyFiles
  • CCleaner
  • VisiPics


If you are facing storage issues while using a Windows system, go through this article. We have described in detail how to fix storage and duplicate photos issues. To reduce and delete duplicates follow this step-by-step guide.

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