How to Get More Views and Followers on TikTok: 7 Actionable Tips

TikTok gives a tremendous platform for customers and groups this tiktok views here to sell their content material, but it could, on occasion, feel like an uphill conflict to get observed in the sea of content being uploaded each day. With that thoughts, here are a few easy steps you may observe to optimize your content for TikTok to maximize your viewership and construct your following.

TikTok isn’t always social media

Historically, maximum social media users were involved with their follower count number — TikTok is one-of-a-kind. Since TikTok is a distribution/content material network, no longer a social media network, its set of rules is targeted extra on content material fine, engagement, and other similar metrics — no longer your variety of followers.

So how do you get views and fans on TikTok? The key is knowing the TikTok algorithm. The TikTok set of rules

How the TikTok set of rules works:

First and primary, your motion pictures have to obtain a high number of view completions (view time), likes, comments, and shares.

TikTok starts pushing your content material out to a small audience of visitors.

The bottom line: If people are not watching your videos, the possibility is they may not follow you. So in case you want extra followers on TikTok, start by creating videos that people will really watch.

If you could make the viewer stay at the app, you’ll be rewarded with greater visitors. So how exactly do you do that? It can also appear like a tall order, but there are a few fundamental recommendations and techniques that will grow the chance of your films going viral.

7 guidelines to get extra views on TikTok

Keep your videos brief

Remember the antique pronouncing “Brevity is the soul of wit?” Completion price and consider time remember. You need your video to be quick sufficient that human beings will want to observe it, ideally somewhere among 15 and 30 seconds.On the opposite hand, if your video is just too quick (much less than 15 seconds), you could not be able to get your message throughout. Some quick films do pass viral, however they have a tendency to be a funny moment or a totally quick skit.

Optimize the primary 3 seconds

According to Facebook video records, “65% of individuals who watch the first three seconds of a video will watch for at least ten seconds, and 45% maintain watching for thirty seconds.” This approach your first three seconds are essential in making sure humans stick around for longer.

If these initial seconds don’t grasp the viewer’s interest, they may probable circulate on. Content wishes to be exciting from the start if you need humans to stay tuned in for longer than 3 seconds — ensure your first few phrases are compelling and tasty. Draw in visitors with a humorous remark or a catchy declaration that makes them eager to examine more.

What makes you need to maintain looking?

A: There are many methods to begin getting more views and followers on TikTok.


B: Here’s my secret method to get extra views and fans on TikTok.

When you discover a hook that works, try turning it into a sequence with more than one elements! For instance: “Things I didn’t recognize I wanted from Amazon part 27”.

Need help brainstorming those hooks and cliffhangers for your video? Try out Copy.Ai’s Hook Generator Tool!

Tell your story

Viewers want to feel like they recognize you on a more private level. They want to peer your character and relate to your content material.

On TikTok, you may use your very own stories and add a comedic twist or in any other case make it relatable to draw people in.

Be actual, but hold your story enticing and exciting enough to preserve your visitors’ attention. Focus on the emotions, the senses, and the nuances to capture your visitors’ imaginations.

For example, in case you’re an artist, percentage your adventure from whilst you began making tune until now. If you figure in a restaurant, share some humorous or exciting tales approximately your kitchen adventures.

‍End with a name to action (CTA)

A call to motion is a clean education that tells the viewer what to do subsequent. It’s the very last step in attracting your audience, and it’s an exceptionally strong tool for enhancing perspectives and fans on TikTok.

End your films with a sturdy CTA. If you need extra view time, inform viewers to remark (commenting maintains the video playing while the viewer types their message). If you want more fans, tell viewers to comply with you. Tell them to just like the video to be able to see greater content material from you within the destiny.

Post greater content

The key to making it huge on TikTok is continually posting a regular movement of content material: in the end, the greater motion pictures you’ve got, the higher your threat of going viral. Test out different formats, and when you locate one which works, attempt to recreate it.

If you are having trouble arising with thoughts on your next video, try browsing other TikTok users’ profiles for notion. You can also take a look at the famous hashtags in addition to information and tendencies — these are all outstanding ways to discover the subjects and developments that people are most inquisitive about.

Use trending songs and hashtags

Videos using trending songs and hashtags have a tendency to get more reach. Ride the wave of trending hashtags to enhance your personal viewership. Search for those hashtags to peer what forms of videos different TikTok customers are making with those hashtags, and then use the identical hashtag in your own video to assist it get more perspectives than traditional.

Invest in appropriate lightsWhen it involves TikTok; video pleasant does count number to a sure quantity. Viewers are much more likely to hold watching a video if it’s visually eye-catching.

You do not have to go out and purchase expert system, but ensure your room has plenty of herbal light, or use a lamp or  with gentle lights as opposed to harsh overhead lights.

At the very least, decent video nice will save you humans from swiping up on your video without even listening to what you have to say!


Use these pointers and hints to get your foot within the door on TikTok — the set of rules is mysterious, but it’s now not impossible to crack. Whether you’re trying to begin your very own enterprise or just build your online presence, TikTok is a extraordinary area to begin! With a little time and effort, you can develop your audience on TikTok and begin seeing thrilling consequences. It might also take a touch bit of experimentation, however preserve these exceptional practices in thoughts and you’ll be well on your way.

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