How To Improve Webcam Quality In HP Laptop?

For clear Zoom meetings, video chats, successful presentations, and even conference calls during such meetings, laptop camera quality is essential.

You’re in the proper place if your webcam footage is dark, grainy, or just not that sharp.

Image clarity is crucial to the quality of any video, whether it be for a personal video chat with a friend,  a laptop webcam recording, or a professional video conference. 

The image quality is affected by a number of variables. The quality of the photos and videos your laptop takes will depend on everything it needs. Thus, you must optimize these elements to the fullest extent possible in order to maximize the quality of your laptop camera. 

You can categorize these aspects using the software components, hardware components, and environment in which you take these pictures or movies.

As a result, this article will go into great detail about each of these subjects. To get the highest possible quality from your laptop camera, you should carefully follow all the instructions. 

Ways to increase the quality of Webcam

Here we have explained all the effective and possible measures to improve your picture and video quality while using a Webcam on your laptops.

Clean the Camera Surface

The first and basic step is to keep your camera lens and the surrounding area clean. Many times it is just the dust and debris that block the camera lens and hamper your camera quality.

Use a soft cloth or microfiber to clean the edges and surfaces of your laptop camera. It is washable with a cleaning solution, isopropyl alcohol, or water.

Dust particles may obscure the clarity, but you shouldn’t try to clear them away with your hands or a rough cloth. Using bottled air to blast the lens will clear away dust and enhance image clarity. With an air can, blow off the dust from the lens.

Ensure a Good Internet Connection

The data quality i.e., bandwidth per second delivered from the transmitter to the recipient during video conferencing depends on the internet speed. As a result, viewers of your content can claim that a video call’s image or video is unclear.

Check your bandwidth configurations. High network usage and several users using the same internet connection can reduce bandwidth and degrade the quality of your projected video.

Update the Drivers

Your camera drivers enable communication between your camera software and the lens or external webcam on your device. That is why drivers play a very important role in keeping your experience and workflow smooth.

Hence, it is important to timely update your HP laptop camera driver to its latest version. Go to the settings>Control Panel of your system and check if there is a new version of your driver available. If yes, update it.

Adjust the Settings of Webcam

To account for the room’s lighting, adjust your webcam’s contrast, brightness, saturation, and hue. Open the “Control Panel” by clicking “Start” to access your webcam’s settings. 

Select “Hardware,” then from the hardware menu pick your internal webcam. To access the setting controls, select the “Properties” tab.

To establish the ideal visual settings for the broadcast, slide each bar.

Adjust the Lightings

The light source is the most crucial image setting of all. The laptop won’t be able to take pictures without a source of light.

When using a webcam to talk, turn up the light behind you but not the light directly in front of the webcam. Lack of backlighting might result in graininess in addition to a dimmer image projection. The image may become difficult to see due to blanching from too much light close to the webcam.

A dark room will require a stronger light source than one that receives sunlight reflection. In a fairly lit room, move the light source closer to you until you achieve the desired brightness.

Set Correct Screen Resolution

You can change the screen resolution. Lowering your resolution can help your webcam broadcast look sharper when the image quality is distorted and blurry. 

Right-click on your desktop and select “Properties” to reduce the resolution. From the list of prompts, select “Screen Resolution.” Test the image quality by lowering the screen resolution by one step from its present setting. Repeat the process if more sharpening is required to reach the desired clarity.

Adjust the Video Settings

The video chat program you are using may need some settings adjustments. For instance, if you are doing a video chat on Zoom and facing quality issues, go under the left toolbar of zoom, click “Tools” and then the “Video” icon. 

Adjust your visual and camera settings, including the saturation, hue, and lighting balance, by choosing “Video Settings.”


For convincing presentations in meetings, video chats, conferences, and other situations, a good laptop camera is essential. The camera settings, light exposure, hardware, and software all have an impact on the image quality. This article has provided descriptions of the various ways to improve the Web camera quality on an HP laptop.

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