How to resolve printing issues in Brother printer?

Brother has become one of the most famous brands for manufacturing printers. This Japanese printer brand is well-known for providing excellent printers at very good prices. These printers are available in different models and sizes. Brother printers are also known for their robustness. These devices barely face problems like paper jamming. But like every hardware, this device can also have some issues. 

Possible reasons behind Brother printer printing issues

  1. The Brother printer is not connected correctly
  2. Error in Brother printer driver
  3. Brother printer services are not working
  4. Invalid changes on Brother printer settings
  5. Some printer-related files are not working on the PC
  6. The printer fuser is overheated
  7. A print job gets stuck in the queue
  8. Cartridge is empty

Troubleshooting Brother printer printing issues

Reconnect the Brother printer

If the Brother printer is not working then check for its connection. Sometimes, the Brother printer connection gets interrupted allegedly. Due to the interrupted connection, the printer stops working. You need to reconnect your printer to the commanding device. Go to the PC and eject the USB cord of the printer. Now check the printer’s end for any damage. If the cord is not damaged, use another USB port of the PC for a printer connection. Ensure that the port is not loose and now check for printing errors. If you have connected the printer wirelessly, disable the Wi-Fi on the printer. Wait for about a minute and re-enable the Wi-Fi button. Your printer will find the PC and get connected easily. On the network, restart the router and now check the printing issues on the Brother printer.

Reinstall your Brother printer driver

You should check for the installed Brother printer driver on the PC. If the driver is outdated then install the latest update for it. But when the printer driver is corrupted, you have to repair its files. Repairing the files of the printer driver is difficult. You can download the driver repair tool and run it on your device. This tool will inspect all drivers and repair them. If you can’t use the driver repair tool then reinstall the Brother driver. Go to the corrupted printer driver and remove it from the PC. Now visit the Brother website and install a driver for your printer model. Restart the PC and wait for some time. Your printer finds the required driver on the PC and then starts taking the printouts.

Power restart your Brother device

When the printer is not printing the documents, restart it. The printer can show errors when its services are not working. The services often stop working when they meet any runtime error. You have to restart the printer to resume those services. When the Brother printer is on, check the power cord and eject it. Wait for 10 seconds and reconnect the cord to your Brother printer. The printer will start automatically and the services will run from the beginning. Now you have to send a new print command to the Brother device and check the error.

Reset the Brother printer

If the error is appearing due to invalid printer settings then you should reset the Brother printer. The error occurs when the user changes some of the settings. You can undo the changes to fix the error. But the user often forgets the default printer settings. To get Brother printer change default settings, you can reset the printer. Go to the settings and select the Reset option. Now run the reset tool on your Brother printer. Many Brother printer models provide an inbuilt reset button on the rear side of the printer. Press the reset button and your printer will reset to the factory settings. Now go to the Brother printer and configure it to your computer. Send a print command from the computer and take your printouts.

Run a printer troubleshooter

If your printer stops working due to an unknown error then you should try running a printer troubleshooter. Brother printers can get errors when the printer-related files are not working on the PC. The files may get corrupted due to any runtime issues. These runtime errors can get repaired by using the troubleshooting tool. On PC, go to the troubleshooter tab and run the printer troubleshooter. This tool will start checking for all printer-related files. If any file is not working, this troubleshooter tool will fix it. After running the tool, check for the report wizard on the screen. If the printer error is resolved, you can start taking your printouts.

Shut down your Brother printer

If your Brother printer stops working while taking the printouts simultaneously then check for the fuser. Brother printer has a fuser that fuses the ink into the paper by applying heat and pressure. When a person takes lots of printouts from the Brother device simultaneously, the fuser gets overheated. The fuser may get damaged due to overheating. To prevent any damage, printers often stop working. Check the fuser of the Brother device. If the fuser is overheated, shut down the Brother printer for about half an hour. Once the fuser of the printer cools down, it will resume taking the printouts.

Clear the print queue

Your printer will stop working if any of the print jobs are stuck in the queue. To run the printer, you need to remove the stuck print job. 

  1. Go to the PC and tap on the Search bar
  2. Type cmd and open the command prompt
  3. Choose run as administrator
  4. Type net stop spooler and tap the Enter button
  5. Open the File Explorer and click on the Address bar
  6. Type C:\Windows\System32\Spool\Printers and tap the Enter button
  7. Click and drag to highlight the files
  8. Now you have to right-click on the selected files
  9. Tap on the Delete button
  10. Go to the cmd prompt and restart the Print Spooler
  11. Type net start spooler and tap the Enter button

Now send a new print command and check your Brother printer for errors. If the printer is still not working then you should ask for technical help. 

Check the cartridge

When the printer stops taking printouts, check the cartridge. If the cartridge is empty, replace it with a new one. Some people get the error when they install a clone cartridge on the printer. Use only the original cartridge on your device. You can also refill the original cartridges and use them easily. Install the cartridge correctly on the printer and now you can start printing your documents.

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