How to use the Instagram algorithm to your advantage

The buzz around Instagram algorithm for a long time was focused on getting followers and likes, with very few talking about profile visits. Profile views show how many people visited your profile in a given time period (usually seven days). This directly affects your follower growth rate. Although not everyone visits your profile, you can expect at most 10% to click the follow button. However, if your feed is well-curated, it’s possible to convert at least 10% of your monthly visitors to your followers. The question is: How can you increase the number of followers who visit your Instagram account? This question can be answered with a few hacks and tips.

Tips to Increase Insta Profile Views  

You can boost your Instagram game by increasing yew because it has an effect on your followers and likes. An increase in profile visits could mean an improvement to your entire Instagram game, as it can affect your followers and likes. Non-followers would be unable to like your posts unless they click on your profile, then scroll down your feed. Clicking on your profile will count as a profile view, so you can see how all the strategies are interconnected.

 Connect with others on the platform

Because social media was created to allow people to interact with one another on a platform, it is called social media. It is impossible to stay in your comfort zone and hope that the rest of the world (via Instagram) will find you. With over 1,000,000 people using Instagram, the chances of your page going viral are very slim. You can still make your mark on the internet by engaging with others and getting out of your comfort zone. Recent years have seen engagement metrics shift from likes to saves and shares. So hitting the heart button might not be enough to get any attention. Leave meaningful comments on any post you like, but don’t stop there. Click the share button, and mention the creator to allow them to see the post in their notifications and DMs. This would make them want to see your profile, which was our goal.

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Tag the relevant accounts to your posts

This is not relevant. If you start to tag people who aren’t interested or have nothing to do, they may block you. Let’s say, for instance, that you are an artist. You can search for keywords related to the art content that you upload, and then follow some accounts that appear under that keyword. You can make contact with them by sharing their posts and engaging with them. Then, tag them in your art posts. Some people don’t like tags and you might get blocked if they don’t. You could also try to tag smaller accounts, as they are less likely not to block your tags and more likely than others to view your profile and post.

Work with other. You can make connections with others on Instagram by interacting with them, especially if you share similar interests. You can also introduce yourself to your audience by working together on projects. You could do a single post or a series of posts, or even a huge project that requires more than a few phone calls. There’s a good chance that your values and interests match each other’s, so your followers will love your content as much as theirs.

Collaboration was one of the ways many people grew accounts, especially in 2020 when nearly everything went digital. Instagram friends held live sessions together and made guest posts on each other’s pages. They also did Instagram takeovers, which is a deeper level collaboration, and had fun meeting new people.

Posting at optimal times

When you go through your Instagram analytics, you would see a tab that shows you what how does this translate into more profile visits? When you post a photo, Instagram recommends it first to a few people in your audience. If this group does not respond well, the algorithm considers your post valuable and reduces its reach. These people may interact with the post and the algorithm will recommend it to others in your network who might be interested in sharing it. This would make your page visible to non-followers, who could then decide whether or not they want to follow you.

Share your stories

 Instagram stories are not just another feature to show off. People have made connections with others and sold products just by sharing their Instagram stories. It’s no surprise that half a million Instagram users share their stories daily. Because not all your followers will see your stories, your story allows you to be more vulnerable, controversial, or simply silly. Although this sounds counterproductive to someone looking to increase profile visits, it is actually quite effective. Your followers will promote your page and content if you start to make stronger connections through stories. Content that makes people feel valued is what people love, so sharing it via stories and your feed doesn’t require you to think about the algorithm.

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