Ideas for Creating a Comfortable Guest Bedroom in Your Home

Summer holidays have everyone excited to visit their cousins and friends. It’s easy to freak out when your beloved cousins do arrive at your place at an unexpected hour. It becomes a mess to accommodate guests, especially when the guest bedroom is unkempt or mostly being used as a storage space.

That’s true in most cases. But a new home in dha in Multan means you are up for the challenge of decorating once and for all. After all, a new house should be beautiful and fully accommodating for the guests, right?

So how about we change the living experience to a liver one? It’s about time you make visitors feel welcome at your home. Discover easy-to-follow ideas to create a comfortable guest bedroom visitors will love to stay in. 

1- Place extra towels, pillows, and blankets

Extra towels, pillows, or blankets never hurt somebody. At the arrival of guests, it’s easy to fall short of the basic bedroom items, therefore extra blankets and duvets offer warmth and comfort to the guest. 

Extra pillows can make a lot of difference since guests may have different preferences. Some guests expect minimal amenities but imagine how welcomed they will feel once all the basic needs are in order. Blend the use of tones to make the guest room look more elegant and composed. 

2- Room for clothes

Extra space for putting clothes is a must. Whoever is going to visit you needs room to change and place ironed clothes to hang. You can always partition the existing cupboard to create more space for clothes your guest may bring/ 

Make sure there’s enough space in the dressing room that guests can place bags and other parts of luggage easily inside the cabinet 

Also, drawers can be added to place purses and jewelry in case of female guests . the more organized your room, the better. Do not forget to add light fixtures inside or right above the cupboard. 

3- Add door hooks

Often overlooked, hooks are a lifesaver for the guest. With an unexpected arrival, even guests may not be prepared to stay. 

That means repeating their wardrobe. Instead of setting the already weary clothes on the sofa, guests could simply hang them on the door or mounted hooks. 

When picking the door color for the guest room you can also pick the type of hooks that will add more personality to the guest room. 

4- Place iron box and board

Imagine the guests arrive at your place only to wear creased clothes. The crease occurs because of the extra folds when clothes are packed in the luggage. 

Simply, extend the comfort for the guest by providing an iron box and board. In case you do not have a board, a tabletop can be used to iron clothes. A lower dresser can also be used to lay a coverlet to prevent spoiling the table top’s surface. 

5- Addition of toiletries 

Some guests like to carry shampoos and basic toiletries but not all of them are that careful. If guests have a smaller bag then they may not carry the toiletries altogether 

To avoid making your guests ask for a shampoo bottle, extend your hospitality by providing shower gels, body oils, toothpaste, extra toothbrushes, combs, conditioners, and whatever item you may like to add. 

It’s all about showing concern for the guest and making them feel welcomed and appreciated. 

6- Place tissues 

It’s only fair to show etiquette by placing tissues in the guest bedroom. Although a guest may survive without a tissue box in the room, it is an essential part of the room decor. Place them on your shopping list to incorporate a complete style for the guest bedroom. 

Do not forget to add tissues in the bathroom as well. You can be more creative with the touch of your personality to the bathroom and toilet. 


There’s always room to add more items in the guest bedroom like a sofa bed, adding a hair dryer in the bathroom, or perhaps a full-length mirror too. As much as your budget allows, set a proper guest bedroom so that if an unexpected guest arrives you can open them with welcome arms. Apply all of these ideas to see the reaction of your guests at their arrival.

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