Best Methods To Improve Search Engine Rankings. Beginners Guide

Welcome to this learning of Search Engine Rankings! You will get to know several things. You will also discover the work of a digital agency. The topics we will discuss are as follows.

  •      The basics of Search Engine.
  •      Who needs this?
  •      Why is it needed?
  •      What are the key factors?
  •      Things you should do.
  •      Things you should avoid.
  •      From beginner to a pro. 

The Basics Of Search Engine Ranking:

Search Engine Ranking is how a URL comes on the result page and what spot it will be in the search engine. This depends on many factors. Largely it happens because of search engine optimization, content relevance, building backlinks, also purchase of ads. 

Who Needs This?

After globalization, the world has shifted online. From businessmen to individuals, whose target is the mass need Search Engine Rankings. They need their content to be seen at the top. Also, traditional businesses have to switch to digital platforms along with SEO campaigns.

Why Is It Needed?

There are plenty of reasons behind the organic switch. The main purpose of the search engine ranking is for online promotion. The reasons are-

  • The primary traffic comes from the organic search, it is cheap yet works best.
  • Trust and credibility increase.
  • Recognize the customers and understand their needs.
  • More user-friendly ambiance.
  • Engagement turns into traffic, traffic turns into conversion, and the purpose will is served.
  • Constantly updating the practice of SEO.
  • The web environment can be understood clearly, and it helps in digital marketing. 
  • Cheaper than other marketing tools.

What Are The Key Factors?

There are some major components that are behind the rankings. Recently data showed that Google uses 200 ranking factors in the algorithm. But, here we will discuss ten key factors. 

  1. Website listing is a must to do at first. The search engine should not have any problem finding the website. There are three stages- discovery, crawling and indexing and the third one is ranking. First web pages are found, then data is recorded and finally, it gives the ranking.
  2. The more the website security works, the ranking will be better.
  3. Domain Authority is also a major factor in search engine optimization.
  4. Mobile-friendliness is one of the most important factors. Mobile searches are more efficient in search engine rankings.
  5. The speed of a website is proportional to its ranking on Google. A website with a good speed is more likely to be in a good ranking.
  6. The content of the website also matters. There are three main factors about content, those are uniqueness, expertise-authority-trustworthiness, and relevancy. 
  7. The structure of the content has to be as good as the content itself. There are signals that make the search engine understand the content. And this will be beneficial in the rankings. Such as headings, sub-headings, link structure, images, and keywords.
  8. Google uses an algorithm that is called RankBrain. It is an artificial intelligence that establishes the ranking on the experience and behavior of the users. 
  9. There is a key factor that works in this algorithm is brand or reputation. In this online platform, people tend to search for huge brands. The more people talk about it online the more chances that the content will be in the rankings.
  10. Building backlinks is a must thing to do. Websites that have trusted or reputed backlinks connected to them are most likely to be in the higher ranking list. 

Things You Must do:

When you are a newbie in this field, there are a lot of things that you should keep in your mind. Those are discussed here.

  • First of all, Keywords are the key, try to find out the keyword and put it in the headline, sub-headline, and sentences. Suppose you are writing a thousand-word article, the number of times you should use it is at least ten.
  • LSI keywords are very important factors. LSI keywords are basically words or phrases that are close to the topic
  • Optimally transition words are good for the article. It helps the reader to connect with the sentence and with the content also. 
  • It is more effective when the engagement is more and more. So, try to make it conversational and engaging. The more a user can engage, the more the ranking will go up.
  • The meta description will lead to more traffic, and with traffic, the chances of the search engine rankings depend.

Things You Must Avoid:

  • Do not exceed the sub-headings of more than 300 words. Also, do not exceed the meta description of more than 30 words.
  •  Sometimes the topics that you are working with are not even close to a good keyword.
  • Low-speed websites, not well-researched keywords.

From Beginner To Pro: 

This article is for beginners to understand and improve search engine rankings. We try to keep it as simple as possible. There are a few terms that you are unaware of, so go through the article, do some intensive research and try to understand the basics. 

In organic marketing, the competition is high, and everyone is doing better than others. So, quick learners get ready for action, and slow and steady learners will come for you with better knowledge. 

We are here to spread knowledge. In this chapter, we have discussed the basics for beginners. Please, don’t forget to share your valuable feedback, so next time we will do a better job. 

Thank you.

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