Inspirational Ways to Host an Unique Valentine Day Party

Prior to the widespread practise of quarantining, many people already spent Valentine’s Day at home, away from the crowds and excitement. The moment to start planning your evening’s celebrations, whether with friends or that special someone, has arrived as the much-anticipated annual holiday draws nearer. Despite our inability to leave the house, the options for exciting in-home dates have never been better. Planning something special for a date, whether it’s the first time you’ve met or you’ve been together for years, requires a full investment of time and energy. Don’t hold back when it comes to the setting, attire, or menu for your date. We’ve put up a list of suggestions for a romantic evening inside.

Picnic For Two Under The Roof

Set up a picnic blanket and two chairs in the middle of your living room for a cosy date night in. A colourful blanket or sheet, a picnic basket, and some food—which may or may not contain chocolate-covered treats—are all things that can be found lying around the house. Don’t forget to order Valentines Day cake online from a nearby bakery if you’re having a picnic to celebrate the holiday.

Netflix and Chill

Avoid surprising your significant other with Netflix unless it’s a special occasion. Put together a playlist of your sweetie’s favourite episodes of TV shows, or rent the movie you saw on your third date and watch it again. Make it more than just a routine night in front of the TV by including an act of sentimentality or a throwback tradition.


As a way to celebrate the special bond that couples enjoy on Valentine’s Day, crank up the tunes and dance to whatever takes your fancy; after all, your living room is also your dance floor. Moreover, you and your companion can enter a dance-off competition. Don’t overlook the importance of making caramel corn.

Have Fun Making Fondue

The charm of a fondue dinner makes it ideal for a passionate evening together. Prepare a delicious meal fit for a romantic evening by picking up a fondue set and some delicious cheeses and chocolates. We consider it a family tradition and a top choice for Valentine’s Day.

Dinner For Two

Once upon a time, celebrating Valentine’s Day meant a candlelit dinner for two at a fancy restaurant. This year, stay in and cook a romantic lunch for two. Cooks of all experience levels can find a suitable recipe online. Create a memorable experience by preparing the food together. Then, get dolled up, and get ready to enjoy your meal, but not before picking up some Valentine’s Day flowers for your loved one. The same holds true for groups of friends who wish to commemorate a special occasion together. Each of you can make a small plateful of snacks to share.

Scavenger Hunt

If you want to be very daring, you can organise a scavenger hunt. Post notes around the house in spots where you often recall happy memories. This will serve as a pleasant memory-jogging activity as well as a lighthearted way to get some physical activity in.

Get Your Game On

Put down your phone and get competitive on Valentine’s Day. It’s time to break out the board games, card decks, and other classic forms of entertainment and get to playing your favourites. A fun method to spark conversation and discover more about each other is to play a card game in which the questions are personal in nature. We really found these games of much excitement and a best valentine day gift for her.

Travel across the globe without departing your house

Perhaps you have daydreamed of a peaceful beach vacation or a romantic wine tour in Italy. Bring the excitement of a dating night out to your own front door by planning a themed evening in. If Italy is on your bucket list, why not celebrate with a wine tasting party using suggestions from Tuscany Tonight? If you’re missing warm weather and sandy beaches, you may bring a little bit of that into your everyday life by adopting a few of these practices.

Costume Party

Make a day of it by hosting a costume party for you and your sweetheart. Get dressed up in your most outlandish getups and take a cute photo with your loved one. Pick your favourite genre from the past, future, and Halloween, or draw inspiration from your favourite shows, books, and films. If you’re feeling adventurous, invite your friends to a virtual couples’ costume party, where you can all meet new people and have a great time.

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