Installing the EV charging station at your place can give you immense benefits

Having electric car charging station shows consumers that you are concerned with air pollution levels and the quality of air in your community, about growing EV infrastructure, and about improving what you have. Property owners, including those in retail businesses and hospitality facilities, can support an increasing number of EVs on the road by acknowledging the benefits that charging stations provide, not only to the environment, but to your business. 

Install the EV charging station to your place

Whether the location has existing parking, or is in the process of building and paving an entirely new lot, electric car charging stations can be installed and used appropriately. Since most EV charging stations may be anywhere from two to four depending on brand and parking lots layout, many owners will install charging stations that are equal to half their projected needs, saving on infrastructure costs while providing equal charging. While charging at home or at work offers a convenient, lower-cost option for many EV drivers, and will be where the majority of charging will occur, there is also a need for a strong public charging network to ensure that drivers have access to convenient sources of electricity whenever they need it, even if they are away from home. 

Generate Good Revenue

Providing electric vehicle charging stations could therefore allow rural communities to attract regional travelers driving electric vehicles, as well as remain connected to the larger electric vehicle charging network, which benefits local residents as well as out-of-town visitors, while generating revenues for local businesses. Installing charging stations through EV Connect could provide entrepreneurs with access to a great incentive totaling across utilities and local government programs. Where competition has been an essential component of electric vehicle innovation, public-private collaboration will help drive EV charging infrastructure development.

New standards for electric vehicle charging

New standards for electric vehicle charging will help lay the foundation for states to construct charging station projects that are affordable to all drivers, regardless of the station, EV brand, or charging company. To ensure drivers have a network of affordable, reliable charging stations, it is crucial for charging stations funded through federal and state programs to include requirements about station uptime and operations, provide access to different types of vehicles, offer transparent, consistent pricing, and so on. Waiting to install electric car charging station on your property means missing out on electric car charging incentives (rebates and tax credits) as well as many economic benefits EV charging stations offer. 

As challenging as the charging desert problem is the city’s infrastructure problem, where even willing buyers — many of them apartment residents, too — can face considerable challenges finding affordable, reliable charging stations. Charging the growing numbers of PEVs in use requires a reliable network of stations, both consumer and fleet. Brand-agnostic chargers with quick charging capabilities, like those provided by the partners at EV Connect, can serve all electric vehicle drivers.

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