Interesting Things about Camping In Jaisalmer

Jaisalmer Desert Camp

In Jaisalmer. When you understand this name, images of dunes, camels, silken tents, and people wearing traditional attire come to mind right away. Is it not?

Relax, then! We are aware of your excitement at discovering such a stunning city, so we’ve prepared for you.

You can expect a stress-free excursion from transportation to snack bar meals at the dunes at Heritage Juma Luxury Camp! To make your vacations even more imaginative, we provide the best wilderness camp throughout Ajmer with a lavish camping spot.

Another option in our Jaisalmer Camping Package is to stay in fully equipped desert tents. Remember to look up at the night sky while you’re in the tents. Experience the exhilaration of a camel ride in the night. Start exploring

Inside the midst of the desert is a tranquil oasis

The Historic Juma Hotel Camp is a wilderness oasis in the middle of Thar Desert’s fine sands. This hotel camp, which would be scattered out over 3 acres of property, has 37 pleasingly decorated tents that will transport you to a Jaisalmer Maharajas’ era of living!

Your time spent camping in Jaisalmer is something you will always remember. Explore the majestic Gadsisar Lake, mesmerising evenings filled with vibrant Rajasthani folk dancing, and the elegance of lovely soft dunes.

Enlist us for a thorough exploration of real Rajasthani culture and customs if you’re going to look for some excursion inside the town of Royal Deserts.

Up ones campers game Adventure

Among the most memorable memories of a person’s life is setting up camp in the desert in Jaisalmer. Dip yourself in essence while still on holiday with us and enjoy first-rate services delivered right to your door.

In Rajasthan’s dunes, Heritage Majid, one of the most opulent Jaipur Desert camps, resembles a golden chimaera and offers a range of amenities like roomy tents, hospitable people, and Start ones day off right with some delectable vegan snacks, then go on a camel or Jeep game drive through the Desert to explore the mysterious silky sands.

When you return to your accommodation, watch one of the many vibrant folk performances taking place beneath the desert region sky.

Desert Camp in Rajputana

These are some of the greatest camping areas in Rajasthan and among the most popular camping areas. The Rajputs resort has indeed been open since 2014 and offers a camping experience that is almost ideal. There are 35 huts on the camping site, which is only 250 m from Sam Sands. There are numerous tent options, ranging from standard camping tents to air-conditioned shacks.

Dromedary safaris begin inside the shelter, so you won’t have to be concerned about making the hot walk to the meeting place. There are excursion activities that can be scheduled and compensated for immediately.

The Camp Serai

This same Serai Prison is the place to go if you desire a truly opulent outdoor experience. There are 21 roomy tents just at the hotel, which is situated on 30 acres of the Desert. Each canopy features a spacious guest room, opulent bathroom, and relaxing area. In addi – tion, if you choose the elevated category of tents, you will receive a back garden as well as a sunken pool.

Additionally, there is access to a well-kept public pool, sizable dining tarpaulins, and spa services. With all of this, The Serai Prison ranks among the top camping areas in Jaisalmer.

Desert Camp in Damodara

Damodra Desert Camp can accommodate your necessities if you’re looking for a more tranquil camping trip free of the crowds. This same resort is carefully planned and furnished with relics to offer it a village life feel, and each of the staff members seem to be nearby villages.

Dance form and puppetry also serve as the foundation of folk tales motifs, setting them apart from Entertainers and loud music. Due to its distance from those other camps, this same resort is comparatively uncrowded, allowing guests to fully enjoy the browser as well as other adventurous activities.

Camp Prince Desert

Sam Sands serves as the background image for the King camp. People would prefer Prince Camp for experiencing early or early-morning walks because it is close to sand dunes and it is a bizarre moment. Additionally, Prince Camp is separated from the group of encampments, making for a more tranquil stay.

There are 30 tents total in the Prince Desert camp. A select few of them include luxurious huts with opulent restrooms and stylish interiors. One of the best campgrounds in Jaisalmer, with excellent local cuisine and first-rate accommodation.

Desert Winds Camp

It is among the camps with the best financial value. These camps are located 43 kilometres from the Jaisalmer Aerodrome. There are 20 huts on the campsite. Although the majority of these tent cities lack air conditioners, they are all fitted to ceiling fans to provide oxygenation.

There are many tasks that will keep you occupied while there, including Camel Safaris, Four – wheel – drive Safaris, and Desert excursions. There are both indoors and outdoors leisure game amenities. Thus, it’s the ideal location for a family holiday.

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