iPhone Repair Hyderabad: The Common iPhone 12 Problems and How to Fix Them

Apple’s iPhone 12 series has been a huge hit, with the corporation shipping over 100 million phones in just seven months. The iPhone 12 isn’t flawless, though, since it has its own set of flaws, some of which are still unresolved seven months after its release. Here’s a list of the most common iPhone 12 problems and how to fix them.

There is no such thing as a flawless smartphone, and each one has its own set of flaws. These problems are exacerbated even further by Apple’s monthly sales of millions of iPhones around the world. Some of the problems are minor, while others may be a deal-breaker for you.

Fortunately, some of these issues are simple to overcome, while others have solutions, and there are still some problems that need you to take your iPhone to an iPhone repair Hyderabad.

The Common iPhone 12 Problems and How to Fix Them

Check out the list below for some of the most common iPhone 12 problems and how to fix them.

1. Display Issues

Green tint and flickering difficulties on the iPhone 12’s display were reported when it initially arrived. Apple acknowledged the problem and issued an iOS 14 update to address it. Some users, however, have reported that the green tint issue on their iPhone 12 occurs from time to time.

If your iPhone 12 or iPhone 12 Pro is also having display troubles, make sure you update to the most recent iOS release. All of your unit’s display difficulties should be resolved as a result of this. If it doesn’t work, try adjusting the brightness to see if the green tinge and flickering issues go away.

If none of these suggestions work, your iPhone 12 may have a hardware problem, in which case you should take it to an Apple Store or an authorized iPhone Service Center near me.

2. Display Getting Scratched Easily

Many iPhone 12 customers who do not use a screen protector have reported that the display is easily scratched. Many people were startled by this because the iPhone 12 comes with Ceramic Shield, the world’s toughest glass.

This is also why the display on the iPhone 12 is so easily scratched. To obtain a specific level of durability, the glass must soften, making it more susceptible to scratches. The only way to keep the display on your iPhone 12 from getting scratched is to use a screen protector. Thankfully, there are a plethora of screen covers available for the iPhone 12. You visit any authorized iPhone repair Hyderabad for this.

3. Battery Not Charging to 100%

Even if you leave your iPhone 12 to charge overnight, likely, it won’t charge completely. This isn’t a bug in iOS or a problem with your iPhone 12.

This feature optimizes the battery charging rate to extend the battery’s life. Your iPhone 12 will charge to 80%, then wait until it reaches 100% to extend the battery’s lifespan, depending on your usage and charging patterns.

4. Poor Battery Life and Battery Drain

With the iPhone 12 series, Apple made no claims about improved battery life. However, due to excessive battery drain, most iPhone 12 customers have found that their new iPhone does not last as long as their prior iPhone.

The problem is with the iOS 14 updates. In comparison to the first public release of iOS 14, subsequent point releases have had a detrimental impact on the battery life of the iPhone 12 and other older iPhones. In many cases, the battery life decreases by an hour or more, which can be readily rectified.

5. Issue with Lens Flare

On the iPhone 12 series, Apple moved to a lens with a larger aperture. This has greatly improved low-light imaging capabilities as well as overall photo and video quality. Many iPhone 12 users, however, have reported lens flare when taking images with their phones.

Lens flare isn’t a new problem, as it was also present in prior iPhones. On the iPhone 12 series, though, the issue appears to be more severe. Unfortunately, there is no remedy or fix for this issue.

When you point your iPhone’s camera directly towards a light source or sunshine, the lens flaring problem occurs. To ensure that the lens flare does not appear in your images, you can avoid this. Alternatively, you can use a lens flare to add a particular amount of flair to your images.


iPhone, like any other complex and sophisticated machine, can cause a number of issues. In most circumstances, though, iPhone troubleshooting is a simple process. So, before you call Apple Support or go to an iPhone repair Hyderabad, try the above steps to get your devices and services “simply working” again.

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