Is Two Days Enough to visit Jaipur for Adventure?


The beautiful city of Jaipur is always a marvel in the eyes of the tourists. It is a mashup of new and old, rogueness and spirituality, adventure in the ATV ride in Jaipur. Thus there are so many things to explore in this city. There are palaces and forts to roam around, different museums to find unique artefacts and lively streets with vibrant souvenirs. 

The gardens and parks provide a serene atmosphere to refresh and contemplate.The Pink City of India has a lot to offer, and one can do it for a couple of days or for a whole week. So according to how well and deep the backpacker needs to explore the city, a trip can be planned short or long. 

Adventure in Jaipur

Jaipur has a lot to offer when it comes to sightseeing and shopping. But that’s not the only case. The city also has so much to offer when it comes to adventure. So now what does Jaipur have to offer an adventure seeker? 

There are so many adventure activities in Jaipur including zorbing, jungle safaris, elephant rides, ATV bike rides, rope adventure, rifle shooting etc. 

The ATV Ride in Jaipur

The ATV Bike rides are also the best option for people who love motor adventures. Dashing through the rugged terrains and sloppy landscapes, this sport can satiate one’s hunger for thrill. With about 4000 rupees, one can have a chilling experience for about 5 km.The ride can be on a Hammer for beginners.

RZR polaris with 760cc to Rage Cyclone and Batman, the varying options that are offered. In case you miss the ATV bike rides, there will always be another option open, that is the Moto Sports Park. They also offer similar experiences at affordable prices to the thrill seeking backpackers. 


Zorbing is an activity that has been gaining momentum over these past few years. Filled with confusion and chaos, it is an activity that can be enjoyed with friends and family with minimal effort. Trapped in an inflatable see through balloon, you roll around slopes, bumping into similar other balls. This is an affordable activity with minimal risk that can be enjoyed thoroughly.

The Tourist Spots

Everyone knows about the tourist spots in Jaipur. The major attractions are the palaces and forts. The most visited Amber Fort, the Jaigarh Fort and the Nahargarh Fort, all provide a stunning panoramic view to the visitors. The intricate structures are architectural marvels that one can spend hours exploring. With beautiful hallways, underground tunnels, elegant rooms and well kept gardens the palaces are all worth visiting. 

The City Palace, Hawa Mahal and Jal Mahal are important landmarks that cannot be missed while travelling to Jaipur. The Albert Hall and Jantar Mantar are also to be added to the list of sites that are compulsory to be visited on a Jaipur trip. 

Activities in Jaipur

If in a busy schedule one can manage to fit as much as four to five adventure activities into two days. Zorbing, jungle safaris and ATV bike rides can be done one morning and the elephant ride, rifle shooting etc can be done that evening. 

The next day one can plan the mornings with excursions and cycling around the city while the evenings can be utilised for rope courses and similar activities. Thus with two days, one can complete a fun filled adventure trip through the city. 

The Forts & Palaces in Jaipur

Jaipur is not all old palaces and forts. Exploring the city, one can find an array of chilling activities to do. Puno, the first ever trampoline park in Jaipur has a lot to offer. The rope courses, slam dunks and roller bridges can make your passive nights fun filled and enjoyable. This serves as  a perfect place to show off your ninja skills and balancing techniques.Puno is ideal for a fun family night, hangout night or a date night. 

Safaris in Jaipur

Jungle safaris are also a major attraction in the city of Jaipur. Through the vehicle ride, one can get the chance to spot local wildlife like the peacocks, deer, snakes and leopards. Elephant rides are also famous among the tourists who come to the city. 

With an elephant ride that spans over four hours one can also go sightseeing on elephant back. The major locations covered would be the Jal Mahal, Hawa Mahal and the City Palace. Camel rides are one activity that one cannot miss in Jaipur. You can move through the outskirts of the city on a camel back and enjoy the view offered by the magnificent desert. 

The adventure spots in the Pink City are so vivid. ATV bike rides to jungle safaris, zorbing to camel rides, excursions to elephant rides, rope courses to swimming, the city has never ending options for thrillseekers.The best part is that all these activities can be well planned to fit in two days. So next time in Jaipur, do clear your schedule for these fun filled ventures.       

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